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    Toilet issue

    My toilet is about two years old. In the past few weeks, I notice a quick hissing sound in the flush tank at times. Apparently, the fill-up is triggered and it is putting water back in the tank. The water level in the flush tank is not low at all when this happens. Any ideas what is going on...
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    Toilet issue

    For the past 3 days, my toilet almost overflows in the evening but no other time. I’m away at work for about 9 hours, but it flushes normally in the mornings and fine for the first few times when I get back home. At some point, I will flush, and it almost overflows but slowly returns to a...
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    Smoke Detector Sensitivity.

    I have a couple of battery-powered smoke detectors that have been up since the 1980s. One is about 12 feet from the oven, and it will occasionally set it off. I can also blow out a match underneath, and that sets them off. Some might call that sensitive, but it’s what I am accustomed to. A few...
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    Air deflectors

    I would like opinions on the use of air deflectors on floor registers. Is it best to let air blow up on the wall or use a deflector and blow it across the floor? I’ve read both ways. Some articles say it should blow straight up and warm the walls and windows, while some say blowing it on a cold...
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    Water Heater Blanket

    Do water heater blankets make a difference? I never gave it much thought and never used one.
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    Bug Foggers

    I’d like opinions about the effectiveness of bug foggers. I’m talking about the typical ones in a can made by Raid and Hot Shot. I don’t use them in living areas, I typically use them a couple of times a year in crawl spaces. I don’t have any particular bug issues, but I might not have had any...
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    New Toilet

    I decided to purchase a new toilet, so I went by Lowe's today. I notice that all toilets had one anchor bolt on each side. Mine has two on each side. I asked if everything would line up ok, and both the guys there said they had never heard of or seen a toilet with two on each side; they...
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    Carbon Monoxide

    I have an HVAC package unit on the outside of my house that heats with propane. I have a 500 gallon propane tank that is also outside my house. There are no gas lines anywhere inside my house. Is there any way carbon monoxide or propane fumes could get inside my house under that situation? I...
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    Dryer Ducts

    Are clothes -dryer ducts not made to go on easily? Apparently I had not had to fool with one for many years, but I got one to put on a new dryer, and I assumed it would just slip right on, but it didn't. It's as though it's the exact size of the place that it needs to slip on. The ducts come...
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    New faucet has no screws on handles

    I just bought a new Moen kitchen faucet, which looks great. I didn't pay attention at the time of purchase, but I noticed there are no screws on the faucet handles for removal like on older faucet handles. After looking at some pictures of modern faucets on the internet, it appears no others...
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    Carpet with hardwood in front of door

    When putting carpet in a room, if a small, square area of hardwood is left in front of the entry door, does that have any bearing on the future quality of the carpet? Someone told me that areas like that were more difficult to get a stretch to remain tight and that the carpet might be more...
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    Adding outlets to a house

    How doable is it to add outlets to a finished house? I live in an older house and would like some additional electrical outlets. I know it’s doable, but is it a breeze for an experienced electrician, or a hardship in comparison to exposed stud walls? Is it more costly than putting them in...
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    Single handle shower

    I have a single handle water valve in the shower that blends the hot and cold water. It has worked fine until recently I have to have it turned all the way to the hot side just to have warm water. Previously, the handle was in the middle for warm water. There are no water heater issues, and all...
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    Confused about wallpaper coverage

    Is wallpaper sq feet calculated differently than other things. I notice online that a specific one that I like covers 30 sq feet. The room I'm covering is 14 by 12 and 8 ft walls. I calculate that at 416 sq feet of wall space. Sure, there are doors and windows, but that is the basis measure...
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    Pitcher pump installation

    Is there any way a pitcher pump can be attached directly to the well casing sticking out of the ground without having to build some type of wood structure to mount it to. It just seems to me like there should be a metal plate or something that attaches to the well casing on which the pitcher...
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    Hairspray on floors

    My daughter uses hairspray, and over time, it builds up on the floor. What is a good cleaner to remove it? I've read borax and hot water or baking soda and water. Do they work?
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    Concrete water basisn leaking

    My house was built in the 40s, and there is a concrete water basin under the house that we run spring-water into for our household water; it holds around 4,000 gallon. It has developed a leak about 14 inches from the bottom which will leak about 100 gallons in a 24 hour period. We have use...
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    Not working properly. Right?

    We have a combo unit at our church which was put in new a couple of years ago. I estimate the church is between 1000-1200 sq. feet. When we turn the air on 72, for example, it does fine until the room becomes full and time passes. By the end of church, the thermostat can often be on 79 or 80...
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    Caulk for interior of window?

    I live in an old farm house, and I have a back room with several windows. The windows are original, and replacing them is not an option right now. Structurally, they are ok; they are not rotting out or anything, but I'm sure there is a lot of air that creeps in around them. I would like to...
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    Return Air question

    I live in an older house about 1200 square feet. There are four rooms in a square, and a longer room and bathroom across the back of the house. There is a door joining each room, so I can walk in the front door, go to my right, make a circle through the rooms and be back at the front door from...