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    Gas Fireplace Won't Start with Glass Cover

    Tried to turn on the gas fireplace for the first time this season and it wouldn't ignite after about 10 seconds. Did a deep cleaning last year and replaced the ember material. Took the cover off and did a light cleaning and made sure nothing was covering up the holes. Cleaned the tips of the...
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    Ground Wire Ring Terminals on Ceiling Fan

    I'm installing a ceiling fan, but am unsure about 2 ground wires with ring terminals. The wire ends connect with the bare copper ground from the bracket but I'm not sure if the ring terminals are supposed to connect directly onto the fan. Any info would be appreciated!
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    Removing Weeds and Re-Seeding Backyard Lawn

    Hey everyone, I did some digging on the forum but couldn’t really find much on something like this. The house we bought has a backyard that’s looks ok at first sight but is in rough shape. It doesn’t take long to realize that probably 95% of what is green are weeds. So I’m hoping to get some...
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    Manufacturer Refurbished Tools

    What are y'alls thoughts on manufacturer refurbished tools? I tend to get a lot of things from ebay and when I've searched for some tools (most recently a dremel) I see a number of refurbished listings. Does anyone have any experience with these?
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    Shower Caulking Tutorial

    Hey everyone, The caulking in our shower is nasty and it's time to replace it. I searched for shower caulking posts and found good information as well as videos on youtube. But I was wondering if anyone here had a particular tutorial/video that they found especially helpful. It looks straight...
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    Air Compressor for Garage

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into getting an air compressor to keep in the garage for general purposes (air powered tools, debris cleanup, filling tires) so I don't need to go overboard, but would hate to cheap out and get something that doesn't fit the bill. Do y'all have recommendations for what...
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    High Water Pressure-Replacing PRV and Expansion Tank

    We had a plumber come out for what we thought was a leak and it turns out our water pressure is too high. We looked in the crawl space and located the pressure regulating valve and expansion tank for the water heater. Apparently the expansion tank isn't working as he took off the cap and...
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    New Homeowner and Forum Member

    Hey everyone, My fiance and I just bought our first house and are in the process of setting up for the move. Changed locks and doing rug, HVAC duct, and overall deep cleanings before we start moving everything. I'm on forums for a couple of my hobbies for all of the knowledge everyone out...