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    Black & Decker Battery charger

    I have a Black & Decker weed eater with a 20Volt battery. Today I wanted to charge the battery, plugged it in and the charger light started blinking red. I have spare charger so I plugged the battery into that one and it was blinking green which means it is charging. When it blinks red, what...
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    Mclane Edger

    I have a 2 year old Mclane edger and the spring washer for the cutterhead shaft keeps breaking off. They have sent me spares and I have used them already. What could be the problem. Am I putting them on wrong side out? Does it really matter which side is in or out? See attached for spring I am...
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    cultured marble

    The man made marble in my shower is full of soap scum. How do I clean that off without messing up the shine on the marble? Thanks in advance.
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    ceiling paint

    Where my tub/shower and toilet is, it is 5ft X 6ft. The ceiling paint above the shower/tub is peeling. I guess the steam from the shower makes it do that. What can I do to prevent the ceiling from peeling? Thanks in advance