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  1. Ron Van

    Hanging load bearing Beam

    Hello. I have a question for the group. We have recently Installed a 11’ concealed beam in our house and two exposed beams in our daughter’s house. You can see those projects here: Counter Beam Sizing We’re still doing the final touches on the kitchen remodel but looking ahead, the next phase...
  2. Ron Van

    New kitchen

    I'm planning on remodeling our kitchen. We have new cabinets that are supposed to be delivered tomorrow. I asked the cabinet company for a two week heads up so I could start my demo but they gave me three days notice . . . it seems they really didn't know when the cabinets would be in. Anyway...
  3. Ron Van

    Under cabinet outlets

    We are getting new Kitchen Cabinets soon so I am preparing the walls and wiring in advance. One of the things I'm looking at is under cabinet angled outlets rather than traditional outlets. Like this My question is: Why are these so expensive? I'm seeing $160 for a 24" strip. Are there any...
  4. Ron Van

    Counter Beam Sizing

    Hello. I’m planning on removing a section of a load bearing wall in our house (we moved into this house about a year ago). Trying to figure this house out is truly a mystery since it was built in several stages over a number of years. The wall to be removed originally was an exterior wall...
  5. Ron Van

    Hello from Home Owner, DIYer in Elk Grove, Ca.

    Hello from Home Owner, DIYer in Elk Grove, Ca.