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  1. bud16415

    Placing a box into old plaster.

    Today I’m tackling the last room in our house I haven’t touched yet. Spare bedroom as the Holidays are coming and we might need the room for more than junk. The house was rewired before we bought it but the guy that did it hacked holes in the lath and horse hair plaster walls and used metal...
  2. bud16415

    Christmas lights switching.

    Yesterday was a nice day and we worked on our outside Christmas lights. In the front of the house I mounted an outlet in the ceiling that comes on and off with the porch light and I unscrew the porch light and plug the lights into the outlet and have switching. Works great. On the side and...
  3. bud16415

    LED bulbs in can fixtures?

    I have a family member that just bought an upscale home about 20 years old 4,000 sq ft, and he had an energy audit done this winter. The house has many of the old can light fixtures throughout that had incandescent flood lamps in them. The can fixtures are fine but the audit showed all the...
  4. bud16415

    Saved from a dumpster, or Free finds.

    Show us your find! Yesterday morning I was looking thru Craigslist and saw a recent posting for a free snowblower. Most of the time these are clickbait to get you to look. I texted the number and got a reply to call for directions. I got a nice lady and she said there is a guy looking at it...
  5. bud16415

    Too much time on hands!

    I thought I would start a thread for others with to much time on their hands and doing a project you could easily do without. Haha. As a retire, and I know we have a fair amount here, and just enduring a Northern Pa winter I just needed something to fiddle with outside. About 2 weeks ago we...
  6. bud16415

    I had a weak moment.

    Sitting around a lot this winter second winter of retirement and getting a little bored. I get the idea to look for a part time job to get out of the house and make myself feel useful and have a few extra bucks to play around with. My pension is great and I don’t need to work but something is...
  7. bud16415

    Hot Tub question for the pros.

    On another forum about hot tubs I belong to I’m helping a member with an intermittent GFCI fault. It happens once or twice a month. He has been trying to run it down for a while and being intermittent it is hard to fine as everything tests fine. The water heater 240V is often the problem as...
  8. bud16415

    Whats this pump?

    Our furnace came with the house and seems to be an upgrade they did 10-15 back. it is somewhat modern as it vents with PVC pipe here are to photos one of the works and the other is this pump box that sits behind the furnace. During the cold spell we had below zero the furnace ran a lot but...
  9. bud16415

    Show us your Workshop

    Today I fired up the heat in my tiny outside workshop. My garage is 24x24 and there was a small add on area that was 12x14. living in the north and trying to heat a large area at my old house I decided to close off the small space I insulated about 6” and then covered the whole inside with half...
  10. bud16415

    Welder questions.

    Hey guys. Being retired now almost 3 months and having extra time on my hands. Have the work shop looking great projects getting caught up on and the rest of my life to fill. I’m taking up welding as a hobby. My whole work life I have been involved with welding as we built locomotives and with...
  11. bud16415

    Question for the experts. Roof / Water Heater / Chimney

    I put this in general as it covers a fair amount of areas. First off I need a new roof and Ugggh I’m going to hire it done. Knees are bad it is two full stories etc etc. My guy came today and said the top two foot of the chimney is shot and he could take it down by hand. I knew that and had a...
  12. bud16415

    UV cure glue

    For Christmas someone gave me this as seen on TV glue. We cleaned the fridge yesterday and one of the plastic frames that holds the glass shelf was broken. I messed around with super glue and a hair dryer for half an hour and remembered I had this UV curing glue thing. It worked in 5 seconds...
  13. bud16415

    Just for fun

    Tell me I’m not the only one here that wants to build one of these.
  14. bud16415

    New type of window.

    I thought I would post this as the guy making them lives about a mile from my old house and he has been on TV a couple times in a series they do here called Made in America made right here. It’s a window design he came up with that is really DIY friendly and doesn’t involve any reframing or...
  15. bud16415

    Grinder Pump, Out of Ideas.

    I have this Grinder pump that came with the house we are just in the township but attached to the towns sewer system. Back a few years before we owned the place about 6 neighbors got together who all had failing septics and asked to be put on water and sewer the water was no problem but we are...
  16. bud16415

    Made in U.S.A.

    In the last year I went thru 4 can openers and they were all junk made in China. Every time they lasted just long enough for my brain to forget when I bought it and after they stop working I go to Walmart like another sheep to slaughter and remember not to buy the one I just had but by the next...
  17. bud16415

    Couple questions on wiring a hot tub.

    Required 240V / 50A. I’m adding a 50A breaker to my panel and the hot tub manufacture provides a disconnect GFCI with the tub that will be located about 8’ from the tub. The tub will sit on an elevated deck (wood) that abuts the house. No part of the wiring will be below grade...
  18. bud16415

    I’m getting in hot water.

    After a couple years in the house we rehabbed on a shoestring and seeing as how the deck made from free recycled wood made it thru the extreme frosts we had this winter we are about to do the unthinkable and actually “buy” something new. We have long wanted our own hot tub and have used...
  19. bud16415

    iPhone app Bug

    When I quote in the app then add my text and then hit submit, the app gives me an error message that it couldn’t complete the task. It gives me the option to save try again or cancel. What I have found is that it does actually take the new post and if I save or try again after saving I get a...
  20. bud16415

    The Steel Square and its uses, and other great books.

    As a young guy I ran across this book and kept it all my life. I have referred to it from time to time and have always been amazed that someone wrote a book this in depth in 1907 and as technology has grown over my life this book is a good grounding point to what life in the turn of the century...