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  1. IamAllThumbs

    Happy Turkey Day to me: sink/disposal backing up

    Some family members were working yesterday so we are celebrating Thanksgiving today. While cooking, we ran the sink with the garbage disposal running and the area under the sink flooded hard. My troubleshooting: the water was coming out of the tall black drain pipe in the picture even though...
  2. IamAllThumbs

    Compressor to winterize sprinkler system

    It always chafes at me to pay someone to do stuff unless it requires skills or specialized tools I don't have. Blowing out sprinkler lines doesn't require much in ways of skills but I don't own a compressor (I've got a tiny pancake one for painting my fence). In my area, I now need to pay...
  3. IamAllThumbs

    Cheap Garage Cabinets

    A project I have been putting off for years is fixing storage options in my garage. It's a 2-car garage and we have 2 cars so "stuff" gets crammed around the walls. I have 2 shelves along a wall (12 linear feet at a guess) and a bunch of wall mounted hooks on the opposite wall. Bikes hanging...
  4. IamAllThumbs

    Prep ugly basement stairs for painting

    My wife has a quilting home business in our basement and while we don't want to spend a lot of $ to re-do the basement stairs, we'd like to make them look a little better now that she has customers coming down to her studio. The house came with the basement unfinished, so the stairs were never...
  5. IamAllThumbs

    Fixing squeaky stairs from above

    When I bought my house the basement was unfinished, and the stairs to the basement are a "minimal job". I finished the basement in 2000 and had carpet professionally installed and they covered the stairs. Over the years the stairs got squeakier, but the basement was mostly a music room and...
  6. IamAllThumbs

    Hello there

    I have a love/hate relationship with building/fixing stuff around the house. There is something really cool about doing it yourself, saving a bunch of $ (the main motivator for me if I'm honest). On the other hand, it takes so much time (I am a busy professional with limited free time during the...