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  1. Blue Jay

    Leaf Guard?

    Have not yet, health problems have had me down. No pine needles live in a woods with oak, hickory, beach and a few others.
  2. Blue Jay

    Chain keeps coming off the chainsaw

    Are you sure the chain is getting oil?
  3. Blue Jay

    Telescopic Poles

    They not only have towers, they have the mono poles you are looking for.
  4. Blue Jay

    Telescopic Poles

    Try this site. Tashjian Towers offers poles up to 150 feet in height.
  5. Blue Jay

    Attachment for saw for sawdust removal

    Might try a vacum cleaner hose.
  6. Blue Jay

    What are you listening to while visiting this site...

    The ringing in my ear.
  7. Blue Jay

    What is this, and can I continue using it for a gas line?

    Don't think you will get enough gas thru that line for a stove.
  8. Blue Jay

    How to protect phoneline & landline phone from lightning surges

    The wire you are talking about sounds like the drop wire to the house, that is NOT the ground wire, Sounds like the lightning is crossing between the power and phone thus the need to be bonded.
  9. Blue Jay

    How to protect phoneline & landline phone from lightning surges

    If AT&T wont fix the ground issue call the Public Utilities Commission in your state.
  10. Blue Jay

    How to protect phoneline & landline phone from lightning surges

    What should have been done by telco was to bond ALL grounds together. Telco should have a protector outside and it's ground should be tied with the power ground, min. of 12 ga wire if the two are within 20' of each other if farther then 10 or 8 ga. Telco was my bread and butter for 30 years.
  11. Blue Jay

    Low water pressure

    I don't drink the softened water, I drink from ahead it.
  12. Blue Jay

    Low water pressure

    I use salt with Iron Out in it so each time it regen's it gets a treatment, I am on a well for 15 years with my softener and no problems.
  13. Blue Jay

    Cleaning a foot valve.

    Turn the pump off first and then let it set a bit before you turn it back on.
  14. Blue Jay

    What is ORT?

    In the amatuer radio world QRT means signing o the air and shutting down.
  15. Blue Jay

    Log cabin walls water stained

    I would say you need to sand them down and refinish will be the only way to take care of this.
  16. Blue Jay

    What is this dome cover?

    Just a WAG but I would say utilities of some kind especially with the lock on it.
  17. Blue Jay


    As a kid we would use a heavy pan put a little lard in the pan turn on the heat, after the lard has melted put in heaping 1/2 t salt when it just started to smoke pour the popcorn in just covering the bottom of the pan and put the lid on, shake once in a while till it starts to pop the keep...
  18. Blue Jay

    Water inside breaker box?

    So just drill a couple of holes in the bottom to let it drain and forget about it.
  19. Blue Jay

    60 gal air compressor bogs down

    Yes the run capacitor is bad from the readings gave, it should go back as the other one did.
  20. Blue Jay

    Sealing a Bird Bath

    I used the Flexseal and it seems to be doing the job very well, gave it 4 coats over 3 days.