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  1. Blue Jay

    Sealing a Bird Bath

    I have a heated bird bath that has started leaking, can not detect just where. This is a type of plastic wondering what I can use to seal it back up. Thanks
  2. Blue Jay

    Leaf Guard?

    Looking at putting new leaf guard for gutters on my log home. The expanded metal guards put on with the gutter install 12 years ago has been a joke since about year 2. Looking for advice about what to install. Thank You Jim
  3. Blue Jay

    Rasing end of slab

    I have a hot tub sitting on a slab (5" thick) 7' X 8' the one end of the slab is hanging over the backfill of the foundation wall about 20" and the slab is tilting about 1.5" low on that end, no cracks in the slab. What would be the best way of raising this back up?
  4. Blue Jay

    Wet Wood Floor

    I have a shed that I use for storing fire wood, this spring with all the rain we had in central Ohio I had a leak in the roof that I did not catch for a couple of months so now I have a section of floor (2X6 pine) that I can not get dry. I have had a fan blowing on it for a month now and in...
  5. Blue Jay

    Attached pad carpet?

    My daughter and her hubby are looking at putting carpet on their basement floor, they are looking at some carpet that has padding attached. They were thinking about putting another pad under the carpet to give it more cushion. Should it be done this way? Big box store says not to do so and to...
  6. Blue Jay

    Cleaning lower sprayer

    Looking for ideas to clean out deposits from city water in a lower sprayer arm on a Kenmore built in dishwasher. Daughter has had some luck using baking soda and vinegar but wondering if there is a better way. Thanks
  7. Blue Jay

    Whirlpool Ice Dispenser not working

    I have a 4 year old Whirlpool refrigerator ED2FHAXST03 that the ice dispenser has stopped working after a power outage. I have 120VAC at the micro switch and continuity thru it but nothing at the dispenser motor leads BR/WH & RD/WH for either crushed or cube. could someone point me to where the...
  8. Blue Jay

    Log in each time?

    Since the new look I have to log in each time I come here, Didn't have to do it each time before. Is this the way it is to be now?
  9. Blue Jay

    Driveway Alarm

    Any opinions on driveway alarms, I had a Chamberlain Reporter that worked great:) for about 6 years but alas it has given up and I need to find another:confused:, they were bought out and the new replacement is not worth landfill space:mad: What do you have that you like or dislike. Thanks
  10. Blue Jay

    Noisy Dryer

    My daughter has a Kenmore Dryer DWSR-ELE-2406028-FM54 that has started a squeeking noise each time shortly after start up. My thoughts are a bearing, with a quick look the other night (did not open it up) I am guessing it ether rides on nylon at both ends og the drum or sits on rollers at the...
  11. Blue Jay

    Compound mitre saw

    I have a Dewalt 12" compound miter saw, only a couple of times would I have used a slider. My use was to build a log home.
  12. Blue Jay

    Security Componets

    I am trying to setup a security system in and around a barn, would like to use infrared beam (not motion detector) due to open areas and animals but can not come up with anything. Was thinking along the line of something like the safety sensors for a garage door but I would have to build a...
  13. Blue Jay


    I dialed a number and got the following recording: 'I am not available right now, but Thank you for caring enough to call. I am making some changes in my life. Please leave a message after the Beep. If I do not return your call, You are one of the changes.' ~~~~~...
  14. Blue Jay

    Sealing new stone work

    Finally got the stone laid on chimney chase, it has been suggested to me that I put a sealer on to help keep water from getting behind the stone. How long should I wait to do this? TKS
  15. Blue Jay


    Has anyone had any experience with this company "improveitusa":confused: Just got thru showing the salesman the door after the pressure to sign began:mad: . Was looking at their "Gutter Shutter system".
  16. Blue Jay

    Laying Dry Stack ledge stone

    Trying to lay dry stack ledge stone on a chimney chase, Have the wire mesh in place but can not get the stone to stick. Supplier said to use type N cement at a ratio of 3 sand to 1 cement, would this be correct? Spread the mix about 1/4" past wire and then push the stone in back to the wire...
  17. Blue Jay

    Firming up Tub

    New log home self build, put in a fiberglass tub and surround. Found out after the fact I should have set the tub into wet cement to firm it up so I could keep caulk in place to seal at the surround. Thinking about drilling up thru the sub floor in several places and injecting door & window...