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    What kind of wall do I have?

    Hi all. I'm looking for some knowledge/wisdom here. I live in an apartment building that was build back in 1967. It's got walls made from some building material that I'm unfamiliar with, see picture attached. To me, it's reminiscent of drywall in that: - there's a thin veneer - in this...
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    Water Well Casing

    Bought a house a couple of years ago (Ontario, Canada) and our well needs to be upgraded. We replaced our pump a year ago - lightning took it out just after we moved in. We're taking a long look at replacing the pressure and treatment system, but we noticed that the existing casing doesn't go...
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    Drywall compound cracking

    Hi, Recently we did a full gut and remodel of our bathroom. Everything went very well. However, the walls are cracking (the drywall compound) at the corners in the shower/tub area in the corners. We used fiberglass mesh tape for our joints and Green board for the bathroom walls. When we did...
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    Slow Tub Drain on new bath install

    Hi, Having an issue with a new bathtub installed - the drain is extremely slow. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to share, but I've attached an accurate illustration found on the web. It's a standard 4pc bathroom. When we renovated, we did complete gut and installed new...