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    Wood termites don't like

    What kind of wood do termites like the least????? Would it be as good as if I treat treat the wood with the green termite treatment????
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    Best construction adhesive, wood to wood

    There are so many out there. So many reviews and clips. So which is the strongest???? I'm looking for something to hold the surface of plywood to wood beam. Looking to repair a sagging beam by sandwiching it between 3/4" plywood. Sistering????
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    Oil based paint gone????

    I went to look for some oil based paint, and seems no one here has any. One guy I talked to, said they've been out for a long time. I've heard that the gooberment wants to phase out oil based paints. It's just not green enough for people that have no idea about paints. Could it be true?????
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    Roof is hot

    I got one of those laser temp guns, and have been checking the temp around the house. Normal temp is around 85' wall and ceiling. On really hot days it's 98' on the sun facing wall, and over 100' at the ceiling. I can feel the heat coming from the ceiling. Kind of like a broiler in the house. We...
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    Oil based paint

    Went looking for oil based paint and primer. None to be found. Guy at hd said been out for months. What's going on?????
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    Sandwich a beam

    Not sure if that's what it's called. I have a beam over the garage. 20 feet long It was extended a while ago be adding a beam under it. It was sagging, so we put a post in the center of the span. The post has to go. It's always in the way. Friend said he has added 3/4 ply to both sides of beams...
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    Solar water heater temp gauges

    My system has three gauges on it. All three seemed to have died. Read 220 all the time. They are Pasco 1449, 40 to 240, 2 1/2". Push in to a bushing, so easy to change out. Cheap made. I'm looking for a replacement. Something in a different brand that I can just push in like the Pasco.
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    Leaking shower diverter

    So it just started. Three knob Price Pfister Water is coming out of the tub faucet, when the knob is turned to shower. Looks to be about 50/50. Removed the valve and a nylon washer was broken. Couldn't find the washer, so I got a new valve. Installed it and still have the same problem. Any...
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    Hoover stick vac turns off

    I have a Hoover BH52230 bagless stick vac. After about a minute it turns off. Lights on the battery life are still on. I turn it off, and it starts again, but last only a minute. Even with the filters and wand removed, it does the samething. Battery lights show fully charged. Just started...
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    Cheap simple washer repair

    I got a washer that was suppose to be working. It didn't. No wash cycle. This is one of those cheap looking basic computer controlled washers. They come in different brands, but all looks almost the same. It's the one with the row of six lights that tell the stages of the cycle. The problem is...
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    Burner will not turn off

    The other day, a friend brought me a costco pepperoni pizza. They stopped selling combo because it has veggies on it. How stupid is that. I always put the box on the stove to cut. We have burner covers. I burned my finger on the back left burner. The dial was off and the light was not on. Got...
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    Looking for a small gear motor

    I am looking for a small, high torque, gear motor. The one I'm having trouble with is made by Hankscraft Motors Inc. Model 3440. 3v DC, 100rpm to 113rpm. I've searched the net, and it seems Hankscraft has been bought out by china. They only deal with larger bulk orders. I was hoping someone...
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    Portable ice maker

    Anyone have one??? How are they??? Ice maker in the frig is acting up. If a portable ice maker is good, I could remove the one in the frig and free up some space.
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    House jack????

    I call them house jacks. The one with a metal pole with a screw end to make it longer. Used to raise up houses when making a ground floor extension. What is the correct name for it????
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    Cleaning the roof

    I don't see it addressed here. Maybe someplace else???? It's a big problem here. All black, and slippery. Plus not good for the roof. I used to spray with Wet and Forget from costco, but they don't have it here anymore. Suggestions on what is the best way to clean my roof???? Flat roof with...
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    Whirlpool ice maker

    There are three screws to make adjustments on the ice maker. I forget which screws do what. Anyone have a diagram to show it????
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    Replace a wood pole with cement blocks

    I want to replace a wood pole with cement blocks. The wood pole is holding up a garage roof beam. It is on top of a cement block wall. It looks like it can be lifted a few inches to remove the beam. I'd need to have rebar support inside the block pole. I would need a beam support on the top of...
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    Wood "I" beam

    I have a post in the garage I would like to romove. If I do, I will need to extend the beam that the post holds up. The span is about 20'. Insted of using a solid or composit beam, could I use two composit wooded "I" beam joist?????
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    Heater breaker problem???

    We have a solar water heater. It's great. Problem I'm having is with the heater tank breaker. When it a very sunny day, the water gets so hot the breaker trips. This is the one behind the panal on the heater. I'm always having to reset it by removing the panal, and pushing the button back in...
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    Magnet water treatment????

    Has anyone tried magnets for water pipe treatment???? I've seen them around. Looks to be bar magnets wrapped around the pipe. Suppost to loosen the scales and keep them from clogging the pipes. There are also these electrical scale removers being sold here. I'm sure they work on the same principle.