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    Vapor Barrier

    I'm having my main beam in the crawl space shimmed up. The structural engineer and the foundation repair guy have recommended a vapor barrier in my crawl space. I have vents and the space is dry so is this necessary?
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    Building a storage loft in a condo

    This condo was an industrial building that has been remodeled into individual into individual units. The walls are sheetrock over metal studs. The owner wants a storage loft build over a 9' wide hallway. She only wants it 4' wide so that the rest can remain a hallway to the back bedroom. I...
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    Filling bolt holes in concrete

    I need to move a post on a metal fince that is attached to a concrete pool deck with redhat sheathed bolts. 4 of them. I've pulled the bolts out so there are now 4 holes in the concrete 3/8in in diameter. I'm drilling new bolts holes 3/4in from the existing holes. What should I use to fill...
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    Kenmore dishwasher has a hole in the tub

    The tub is plastic. It's right under the heating element and it feels like something corroded it. It crumbles when I run my finger over it. The Model is 665.17032403. I've looked under the unit and there doesn't seem to be any water under there on the floor. 1. Can I use something like...
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    8' tall privacy fence with horizontal pickets

    I can't find a good resource for pricing this out. Any ideas or resources for pricing an 8' privacy fence using horizontal pickets? I'm looking for labor costs. I can price the materials. He wants to use cedar pickets. Do cedar posts exist? I can't find them 12' long. Thanks in advance!
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    fastening a strip if 1/8th" thick sheet metal to a concrete floor

    I'm covering old trolley style tracks in a warehouse and want to use a ramset to fasten 12" wide strips of 1/8 in thick metal to the floor with a ramset. Is this possible?
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    Concrete sat overnight and ended with a rough finish

    I poured a 10 x 16 concrete pad in 90 degree heat. The last part of the pour was finished smooth but the next morning it looked like the cement and sand settled leaving a rough finish with aggregate coming to the surface. Can I smooth this with a diamond cup wheel on my grinder?
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    Repairing the opening of my fireplace

    Bricks above the opening have fallen out. I don't know how to get them back up there. Do I put some sort of bracing across the top of the opening then build up? Do I mortar or use some sort of adhesive?