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    Reshingling suggestion request

    When I was about 40 yrs old, I scoped out the price of roofing and decided it could do it myself and save about $5k. I had the store deliver most to the ridge after my brother and I tore off 2 layers. Then the rest was done solo including carrying some bundles up to the one story, low pitch...
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    Dropping Landline

    It bears mentioning that just because you have a landline doesn't necessarily mean that your old land line phone will be compatible as some service providers have switched from analog service over to digital. So take a moment to look into compatibility. I still have a trimline which I used...
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    Attic light

    Necro posting doesn't invalidate the accuracy of a late reply. It simply shouldn't be expected that the OP still has an unresolved problem. Late arrivals can still benefit from updated replies or techniques which can still be quite apropos, i.e. from a topically related standpoint.
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    Rigid foam boards stacked near recently excavated foundations: what's it for?

    i see those as well and I believe they’re used for void filling under the foundation vs, say, thermal insulation.. i hane seen the foam around municipal roadway construction as well as smaller home builds. what do you think?
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    Non grounded outlet says it’s grounded?

    question: so though my post was related to the older thread, forum protocol dictates a NEW POST instead of latching on to a preexisting thread? is this what the 'hijacking' phrase means?
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    Non grounded outlet says it’s grounded?

    Not that I'm aware of (pros welcome to pipe in). The TEST button of the GFCI OUTLET will test the outlet. It will work whether it's grounded or not. The TEST button on the GFCI tester will only trip the GFCI circuit on the outlet if the outlet is properly grounded. If the outlet was...
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    Non grounded outlet says it’s grounded?

    yes, I experienced that when using my Southwire outlet tester especially if someone installed a 3 prong outlet on a two wire outlet circuit: off, ON ON. But what I didn't expect the actual GFCI outlet itself to be tripped on a 2 wire/KnT circuit when I pressed the GFCI test button on the...
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    Non grounded outlet says it’s grounded?

    I'm just smart enough to be stupid and just beginning to learn how to use basic electrical tools. I have a 70 yr old house with KnT wiring. I happened to come across a 3 prong outlet in the unfinished basement. The 3 light outlet tester showed that it had a reversed hot/neutral, so I...
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    Outdoor power outlet

    That depends heavily on the town you're in. Seattle area has nearly 20k members and higher income bracket
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    Outdoor power outlet

    Not working so I have time to scan the free items on Craigslist, Nextdoor, Freecycle...etc. I'm in Seattle and it's amazing the things people discard which still have great resale value. I learned to watch ... even have notifications sent to my email/phone.
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    Outdoor power outlet

    Scored 3 of them for $0 on Wish I had good plan which allows me to pipe in and replenish the water closets. Annoys me no end that I'm flushing drinking water down the toilet. First world problem, eh?
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    Outdoor power outlet

    I did my outdoor new circuit nearly identical to the technique outlined by bub16415. The outside box is surface mounted to the brick exterior as I did not have masonry cutting tools. I figured I'd live with it to see if it bothers me bad enough, in which case I would flush mount it later. I...
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    Lubricating a tape measure

    1) dismantle the tape measure, 2) wash in Dawn detergent 3) rinse, followed by clay bar treatment, 4) a light coat of carnuba wax, 5) buff, 6) reassemble. just kidding. what I really do is to put A1 sauce on the stretched out tape and let the dog lick it clean
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    Changing a light bulb.

    turn off power. cut potato and jamb it into the socket to safely grip the jagged edged. use potato as a handle to turn the fractured bulb socket out
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    Air compressors and attachments

    I was a bit apprehensive since the only thing I knew about air nailers was from a scene in Lethal Weapons where Danny Glover shot a bad guy through the head. I didn't know how to load it and fumbled around a bit. I am now proficient in LOADING brads, nails, and staples and walk with a swagger...
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    Air compressors and attachments

    I lived without air tools for most of my life while wrenching on the car, truck...motorcycle. Then, last year, I felt my age when laying on cardboard over concrete floor. I bought a deWalt pancake compressor and it was pretty nice and gave me a chance to learn its limits. Then I picked up...
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    Water leaking through Garage walls and door. Who should I contact to fix this?

    Coincidentally, I just received a call from my brother to check in on his house (Seattle Beacon Hill) to assess the pooling of water around the house. Seattle has received quite a bit of rainfall the past several days and the landscape and various infrastructure designs appear to have been...
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    ThermoPride oil furnace

    Thanks, billshack. Normally I have the service provider perform cleaning. I switched to bio B15 the last fill up so I figured I would perform the recommended fuel filter change this year and then alternate years with the more thorough inspection. Next year, what I can do is hover and watch...
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    ThermoPride oil furnace

    I am most grateful for the benefit of your experience, Blue Jay. I will carefully proceed with the filter change....with a big catch tub ready. r-
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    ThermoPride oil furnace

    I am saving up for (as reading up on) a heat pump. In the meantime I am still using a oil furnace in mild Seattle WA. My oil useage is lower than average and I get my 300 gallon fillup ever 2-3 years. In the interim, I'm seeking to perform my own oil furnace PM this year and viewed quite a...