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    How to buy a “Fixer Up” House to be a Home.

    Wow. You're so lucky everyone is okay. Sorry your roof got damaged!
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    Painting before or after cabinet install?

    I agree that you should paint your kitchen now and then once you install the cabinets you can do some touch-up paint and fix any imperfections you see.
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    Need help!

    I would do as some other people have suggested and ask the air conditioner guys to come back to your home and fix this issue.
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    square footage

    I'd use a floor plan of your home and then measure each length and width of the rooms in your home. Once you find out the area of each your rooms you just add the sum of the rooms together. This article breaks it down for you...
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    My Mini Split Experience

    Thanks for sharing! I have a mini split system in my home and it's wonderful. It's very energy efficient and is less expensive. I recommend it!
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    Suggestions for fireplace box!

    I think some stone tiles would look great and add some elegance and a rustic feel to your room. You have many different options though. You can even just paint it a dark brown to blend it in with your walls.
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    Uses for Tube Sand

    I'd try it and see if it works.
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    What is the proper tool to make long cuts?

    That's true. It really depends on your comfort level with the saw.
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    Rubber stuck to linoleum on bathroom floor

    I'm glad it worked out. I've never heard of this happening before where the bathroom rug sticks to the floor.
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    Is there any way to save this wood floor?

    Yeah in my opinion the floor doesn't look like hardwood. I'd have a flooring professional come and fix the areas that are damaged. Once it's sanded down and has some refinish on it, it should look as good as new.
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    looking for advice on how to mount a poster

    I'd go to an arts and crafts store and buy a nice frame to put it in and some nails. Then just attach the nails into your wall. I found these tips to offer some help:
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    patching shower tile grout

    I'd use grout similar to the color you previously had. It's not a hard home project! If you go to a store like Home Depot you should find the right color.
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    HELP!!! Why would anyone do this?!

    Do you have photos to show how they installed their laminate or vinyl counter tops over granite? I'd pull it out if I were you. Your kitchen will look more attractive if you take off the extra counter top layer and just have granite or any other type of counter material.
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    Painting Floor Lamp

    I think your best bet is the Krylon Fusion paint. Light should still be able to pass through when you paint them. Did you try it?
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    Grout and thinset

    It depends on the joints for your tile. If you have small tile joints then I'd recommend you use non-sanded grout. If you have larger joints I think you should use sanded grout. I hope this helps. I found this article which explains it more in depth...
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    Any way to fix the gap between these cabinets after countertops are on?

    That's impressive. I never would have thought of that. Nice work!
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    Best caulk for sealing concrete to vinyl

    Agreed. Silicone is your best bet. This article gives some info about caulks and sealants:
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    Shower Tile

    It's up to you based on your room design and your sense of style. I agree though how large tiles can make your space seem larger.
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    Water stains around tiny holes on ceilings smoke detectors

    The stain around your smoke detector is a sign that there's moisture. I hope it works out for you. :)
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    Why are shades of grey the "in" colours?

    Well that's because it's a different circumstance. It's hard to relate the navy to a room color for a home. Grey for a bedroom can make the room feel warm since it's a neutral color. As it says in this article from Better Homes & Gardens: