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    Is this a 60 or 45 degree miter cut?

    Hard to say but lining up the old piece with new one and getting the measurement is the easiest way to do it I would say.
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    Updating staircase to safety standards (without breaking the bank!)

    If you are looking for something more permanent Spindles would be good.
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    Does this tile job look professionally done?

    It looks like everything but a professional job to me.
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    Post Your Kitchen!!

    Redoing everything from cabinets to new chimney installation, will post something for sure when done with it!
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    Odd question about painting house exterior

    That is unbelievable to say the least. This is the first time I am reading about an incident like this. Its like negative version of Elves and the Shoemaker :D On a serious note though I think the paint contractors are equally to be blamed with those Yellow color hating neighbors.
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    Hi Guys!

    Hope I could be of any help here :)
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    Is this the dryer vent?

    I would definitely ask the HOA first before doing anything.
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    Shave down brick wall?

    Exactly, I would also not worry if it gets a bit messy below the stove. For sides there is always an option to make it better with plaster.