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    How much to level and fill?

    A couple inches to a foot? If it averages 6" across the length of the trench you are talking 4.5 yards of fill! That's some pretty nasty settling. Are they sure it's not leaking? As for pricing--the fair price is how much someone charges who is ready, willing and able to do it without getting...
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    Cleaning outdoor light sockets

    Unless the bulbs are directly exposed to weather, standard LED bulbs will suffice. Don't overthink the cleaning process. A small wire brush alone will likely do the trick. Contact cleaner is an overkill, but will certainly help if you already have it on hand. Follow cleaning by any lube rated...
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    How would you refinish this concrete wall?

    What he said. Not really that difficult even if you have never done it.
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    Stain sealing under German smear finish on brick

    Recommendations for apply a thinset smear to fireplace bricks often mention "sealing" them to prevent stains from bleeding through. Sealers like Miracle 511 actually aid in removing excess grout from brick surfaces. If nothing else, it should help wipe some of the smear off more easily while it...