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    spinning carriage bolt

    How can I tighten down a spinning carriage bolt? I am trying to tighten down a carriage bolt, but it is just spinning as I try to tighten. I have the bolt counter sunk. I'm using MDF board, which I should not have used, but that is beside the point not. I cannot remove the nut from the bolt now...
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    looking for solid workbench

    I was searching Amazon for a solid workbench and saw horse and wanted to get any recommendations. The ones I looked at didn't have the best reviews and I would like something that is solid and can handle adding vices, doing electrical work and wood work (sanding, etc.), support a miter saw, etc...
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    E26 base for Vintage LED Edison bulb

    I'm looking for a LED Edison tubular bulb with an E26 medium base similar to this bulb: I found the following two LED Edison tubular bulbs with the E26 base, but the filament didn't have quite the same look as the one above...
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    tractor seat bar stools

    I've been looking around for 5 vintage tractor seat wrought iron bar stools that have arm rests as well as a back support. Just about every one I've seen, and there are tons, have only the tractor seat...i.e. no arm rests and backing. Does anyone know any places where I might be able to find...
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    where can I find this type of hangers

    Do you know what the names of those parts would be? I don't even know what to search for?
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    where can I find this type of hangers

    Thanks for the responses and help. A quick follow-up question. What are the two pieces of hardware that attach to the block & tackle and the piece that attaches to the chain (see image with red arrows). What are those called and where can I buy them? Also, when I get the block & tackle, is there...
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    where can I find this type of hangers

    I'm trying to find the type of hangers used in the attached image. Can you buy these types of pulleys and hooks that have the worn look? Would it be difficult to create those type of hanging lights? Perhaps a video or article that shows how to do it and the hardware needed? Thanks.
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    what fasterner should I use?

    I have a small chain that I've attached to a copper cap. The fastener works alright, but takes a bit too much space to fit properly. See the attached images. What is a better fastener or approach to attach the chain to the copper cap so it fit properly onto the top of the bottle? Thanks.
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    Where can I find this sconce?

    I have been trying to find this red hurricane sconce everywhere. It was originally sold at Hobby Lobby, but has been discontinued. They have the amber colored version, but I need to find one more red one (see attached). I've looked on Amazon, Googled everything I can think of, etc., with no...
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    wiring outdoor patio string lighting

    If I have one long string of lights, how would I string them so there is no overlap? I would think I need to cut the line and splice together to get the correct layout?
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    wiring outdoor patio string lighting

    My wife and I are wanting to hang some string lights in our outside patio (see attached image of the patio ceiling and walls). We are wanting to hang the string lights in the front of the patio centered with two loops as shown in the other attached image. From the center point in the front, we...
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    contractors in Austin Texas area?

    Anyone know of any good contractors in between the Austin and San Antonio Texas area? I know this is a DIY forum, but I haven't had any luck finding good contractors. They either don't call back, don't show up, don't do a good job, only want to do big projects, etc. I have a lot of work that...
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    hanging full length mirror on wall

    No, it is only supposed to mount vertically. The image I attached kind of appears like it can be mounted horizontally, but it mounts on the mirror are for mounting the mirror vertically.
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    hanging full length mirror on wall

    Thanks for the help guys. Yes, the second door is the open bedroom door. Okay, a couple of other inexperienced questions. Any particular brand of stud finder I should pick up at Lowes? Or, are they all pretty much the same? I can't tell you how many times I've bought something that...
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    hanging full length mirror on wall

    Forgive the really novice questions here, but I'm really new to DIY projects. I have recently bought a full length mirror that is about 50lbs. I want to attach the mirror to my wall between the space of my bedroom door and closet. First, I'm trying to determine how I can accurately measure...
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    tankless water heater

    Hi, I was interested in any comments on the pros and cons of a gas versus electric tankless water heater. Is one better than the other? Which performs better and/or is more cost effective? Or, are the equally good in quality, performance and cost? I live in the Austin, Texas area and...
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    trim bottom of bathroom door

    My bathroom door cannot swing shut because of a bath mat. It needs to have about 1/8" to 3/8" shaved off the bottom of the door in order for the door to freely open and close without the bath mat getting in the way. What is the best way to trim the bottom of the door? It is my understanding...
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    remove ball moss from my trees

    What would be the best tool to use to prune my trees (oak and cedar) to remove the ball moss before using the potassium bicarbonate spray? I tried using the corona 14' manual pruning saw, but that didn't work very well at all, so I returned it. Any recommended tools to use?
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    remove ball moss from my trees

    I live in Central Texas and we have a ton of ball moss on our trees. What is the best way to remove this? It is killing my trees. I paid a contractor to remove the moss about 5 years ago and now it is back in full and I'd like to not have to spend the money to pay a contractor to do it and...
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    capping a water well

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction. I apologize if this is not the correct forum to post this question. I live in the Central Texas area and recently received a letter from the Edwards Aquifer Authority informing me I have an abandoned water well on my...