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  1. J

    Telephone Wiring - Phone Jacks Not Working

    * 6 7 works on some carriers, at least, just google " hide calling phone number AT&T " replace AT&T with your phone carrier
  2. J

    species of wood

    I have similar floors in my home in Jacksonville, FL, built in 1960, it is cement block home, on pier and beam foundation. Floors in excellent shape, it was 1 owner, until we bought it, in 2018. I am pretty sure these floors are original, never refinished.....
  3. J

    Furniture drawers need help sliding

    you can order small bars of Beeswax, on Amazon
  4. J

    Cast Iron Sewer Pipe question

    first of all, to replace that, you need to worry about the vent line, that goes 10 or 12' UP, above there, through the ROOF....... you would need to either SUPPORT that, or cut it all out and replace with 4" spanky said, unless it starts LEAKING, I would let it be......cast iron can...
  5. J

    Unsupported sill plate and a stupid engineer

    dont they usually use angle iron, above windows, in older cmu construction ???
  6. J

    Hello from Oklahoma

    I was born in Kingfisher, n. of OK city about 40 miles. Welcome !!!
  7. J

    My name is Carolyn.

    WELCOME !!!
  8. J

    Hot ground reverse

    this helped me to remember, when I was 1st doing home wiring, infrequently, I read this somewhere: "black on brass, save your ***...." Now I think of that EVERY time I attach a black / hot wire.... ha ha ha
  9. J

    Nail polish remover table repair

    top it with Formica ?? kind of old-timey look, but would be easier than re-finish
  10. J

    How do I find the exact match for this hand truck wheel?

    maybe try - which is part of Grainger
  11. J

    How do I test this old compressor?

    there is usually a CHECK valve where air comes from compressor into the tank, those can go bad and leak back into compressor cylinders and OUT.....slowly leaks out....
  12. J

    Telephone Wiring - Phone Jacks Not Working

    just so you know, before long, DIAL-TONE over copper, will be *GONE*.........get ready.... eventually, all the telcos will stop providing voice dial tone over copper.......not too far ahead......for the "old folks" they will give them some kind of a little "BOX" that will let an old dial-tone...
  13. J

    Telephone Wiring - Phone Jacks Not Working

    a phone line only requires 2 wires, there is no reason to connect all those wires, only 2 of them. The additional wires were only used in cases where there were mulitple lines in a home. phone techs all carry one of these, a tester, to find a phone circuit, and notice, they only have TWO...
  14. J

    Painting front door

    I have used Sherwin Williams FAST-DRYING door paint... it is about $29.95 / quart, but it has been on the front door of the house I put it on for about 2 years, and gets 5 hours of morning sun, in Florida, and still looks great !!! It is called Snap Dry. drys same day you put it on...
  15. J

    Outhouse Main Cable Size

    especially for possibly, tax write-off of the elec bill ???
  16. J

    Should I use calk or grout to fix a long crack between the counter and the backsplash?

    just as a tip, when you do the masking tape on each side process, as Jeff wisely suggests, I like to have a trash can right there to drop the masking tape into, as you remove it, so that it doesn't make a mess....
  17. J

    Driveway Is Separating from Garage

    fill it, up to about 1/8 or 1/4" from the top, then top it with Sika driveway crack filler (Home Depot sells it), and it may last MUCH longer.... make sure you DAM up the ends, as it will run out any crack it can, as it "self-levels" read directions on Sika container for correct distance, etc
  18. J

    Garage Foundation Issue

    pinhole in one of those red / blue pipes (that is PEX pipe), maybe ??? it might be good idea to hire a plumbing company that specializes in finding leaks, they have special equipment to find leaks....(one is SOUND detection, it has various probes to stick down in ground, or that set on...
  19. J

    What Caused this rusting?

    IF IT was ME, I would move all pool chemicals OUTSIDE the house....???
  20. J

    Wax seal

    I agree, with Jeff, I don't try to caulk the BACK of the toilet base, for reason he stated.