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    Sealing Exterior wall to Foundation

    Thanks for your input oldog. The wall is 15' wide with an over sized slider. How much am I looking at to get something like this repaired, outside of the engineers report? And do contractors typically charge for estimates?
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    Sealing Exterior wall to Foundation

    Well things are worse then they appeared. I cut out some damaged sheet rock on the exterior wall and found that the 2x4 that runs along the foundation is totally rotted in some spots. I'm picturing this as the bottom piece of wood for the framing of the wall. How would I go about...
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    Sealing Exterior wall to Foundation

    Hello, This is my first post in this forum and I'm just starting to get involved with house repair. I consider myself pretty handy, but any serious projects I've taken on have been on vehicles. Anyway, I recently purchased a 2 story condo that has a slab on grade foundation. The unit was...