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  1. ToolGuy

    Strengthen floor for aquariums

    True, you don't need rebar for this application. When you mix the concrete, keep the dry concrete pushed to one end of the tub and pour water into the other end. Then pull some of the concrete into the water, mix it in, pull a little more, mix it in, and keep doing that. This way you keep...
  2. ToolGuy

    sheetrock installation

    I'm with handyguys and guyod on this one, don't bury the trim. Removing the trim and extending the jambs is the right way to do it, and is not very difficult. Just rip some strips the same thickness of the drywall, glue and tack them in, and reinstall the trim. Baseboard too... Remove it...
  3. ToolGuy

    Damage from burn ... a way to erase??

    Do you know the manufacturer of the cabinets? You may be able to order a replacement door. Otherwise, I think your best bet is to take the door to a reputable cabinet maker or woodworker. They will be able to make a replica and even match the finish. You'll never get that corner to not...
  4. ToolGuy

    Hardwood on Stairs

    Is it possible you could take a few photos to show us what you're describing. I'm trying to piece it together but not sure what you mean by support rail. Stringer? To be honest, I don't think using strip flooring for stair treads is such a good idea, as it will raise the height of each step...
  5. ToolGuy

    Is there a way to 'dissolve' cement/concrete?

    I stand corrected (again). That's why I emphasized following the instructions. I haven't used the stuff in so long I couldn't remember which to add first, but I know it's important. BTW, I see you joined in Sep '06 but it shows you have only one post, namely this one. What took ya so long...
  6. ToolGuy

    3D Murals (bas relief)

    Ooooo... Sexy! :D I know when you're not posting you are busy creating your masterpieces.
  7. ToolGuy

    Basic necessities for a tile job

    I've seen (have yet to do one) lot's of bathrooms with a cove tile connecting the floor tile to the wall tile.
  8. ToolGuy

    Leveling a basement slab...

    The job is already done, but there will be a next time to be sure. I used a 1/2 notch and had to butter some tiles to get 'em even. The customer is exstatic with the finished floor, but my trained eye is not satisfied. Of course, I keep that to myself. I spent 2 days filling the slab and it...
  9. ToolGuy

    Leveling a basement slab...

    Basement slabs are never completely level, as anyone setting large tiles on one is sure to find out. I used over 10 bags of Jiff-Set on my most recent basement tile job, just filling the dips as best I could. But the tile really needed a perfectly flat surface, as the edges had no bevel at all...
  10. ToolGuy

    Basic necessities for a tile job

    Well, aside from a good book about how to tile... ;) A lot depends on the type of tile you're using. With small mosaic tiles you can use premixed mastic type adhesive, while larger tiles would call for a mortar type adhesive. Also, the larger the tile the more solid your floor must be, as...
  11. ToolGuy

    Need a 2-4 Entry Door

    Yeah, that's pretty narrow for an entry door. I'm sure you would have to special order it. I think most home improvement centers could order it for you. The wait time will probably be 3 weeks. Call Lowes, Home Depot and see if they can order it for you.
  12. ToolGuy

    Is there a way to 'dissolve' cement/concrete?

    Bricklayers rinse the brick surfaces with a muriatic acid / water solution to clean any mortar residue from the surface of the brick. I don't know the exact ratio but the instructions on the bottle should say. You'll find muriatic acid at any hardware or home improvment store. IMPORTANT...
  13. ToolGuy

    Scratch paper boxes ~ Weekend project.

    That's a fantastic idea! Mind if I borrow it? :D
  14. ToolGuy

    Framing For a Drywall Ceiling:

    Tom, unless you enjoy recieving spam you should never post your email address in a forum or any public place. Better to use the private messages system provided by the forum.
  15. ToolGuy

    Replacing wood porch with stone

    Wouldn't you need a foundation for something like that? Unlike a wood deck, masonry has zero tolerance for movement. I would think it would have to be built on a foundation that extends below the frost line. Not to mention the weight, I'm sure it would settle a lot.
  16. ToolGuy

    Transition pieces: screw down or glue?

    I don't know the brand but I saw it at Home Depot (I think?), which used a track you fasten down and the trim piece snaps over it. No visible fasteners at all.
  17. ToolGuy

    How often are carpenters exposed to asbestos now adays?

    It depends on the type of work you're involved in. If you do a lot of remodeling work, you'll probably be exposed to it on occasion. If the homes were constructed during asbestose useage, say 1920s thru 1960s, you'll probably see a lot of it.
  18. ToolGuy

    New Woodworking Project: Built-in Hutch

    Above is the original post, dated 11/29/07. Of course, I did several other projects during this one, but now it's completed. Check it out...