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    Chimney liner to B-vent connection question

    The beauty of our situation is that we're having a new roof put on the house next week (new plywood and everything), so old hole is going away completely and it'll just be the b-vent going through a brand new hole :)
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    Chimney liner to B-vent connection question

    Thanks, Bud. I ended up finding the part by digging around some more. It's simply called a "b-vent connector". The generic name threw me off for a minute when I was researching it before. Here's the item description from Z-Flex, in case anyone else has this question...
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    Chimney liner to B-vent connection question

    Hello all, We have an old brick chimney that was at one point (before our time) decommissioned and repurposed as a furnace vent using a flexible chimney liner inside. When we bought our home, the chimney was sticking up through the roof, and the chimney liner went up through a metal flat top...
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    Hello, from Portland, OR!

    Hey everyone, New home owner here, wife and I just settling in and rolling up our sleeves to get ready for some much-needed projects on our 1925 bungalow. We're pretty handy on a DIY level, and I've got years of experience in structural framing and woodwork, but I'm always looking to learn more...