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    Laser line things

    I've used the laser - levellers - just the other day to hand a curtain rod and a shelf, in fact - they are simple to use, for my money worth it.
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    Apartment Living

    one word to brighten up any apartment - toile - use toile for wall hangings, room dividers, even (with a plastic liner) shower curtains - JoAnn's always seems to have some marked-down toile
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    textures for paint

    Depends on what kind of texture you want - venetian plaster is easily enough made - has anyone ever tried the faux leather finish on walls and furniture that Frank used on Trading Spaces, with torn up garbage bags and a lacquer?
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    home improvement shows

    Jumbo is cute, but give me Faber any day
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    Ideas on what to watch

    the key to your question is "reasonable to accomplish" - some of the trading spaces and while you were out stuff cannot be (and should not be) replicated - Debbie Travis has some good stuff
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    Broken Dishwasher - Replace or not?

    Get a whirlpool for 250 - pick one up at Lowe's or any whirlpool dealer
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    Bleach to unclog drain???

    bleach doesn't really hurt the pvc piping, but it isn't as good as a simple shot of liquid plumber
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    Townhome Living and Noise

    I used to live in a newer (1989) townhouse - could hear neighbor's treadmill, not much else, but that may just have been because he was quiet - in older townhomes and half-doubles, you can hear everything.
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    home improvement shows

    Men!!! - everyone knows the cute ones are Carter and Faber from *Trading Spaces* LOL
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    Cheap Noise Reduction Tips?

    go to IKEA, pick up some cheap rugs - also, you might try (esp. with children) some rubberized floor mats from Loew's or HD
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    Paint Color For Bedroom

    I find a light, metallic blue color might work with what you describe - then go soft (eggshell, cream) on the trim
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    Friendly People

    Toledo, Ohio here -