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  1. bud16415

    Installing drywall over "skewed" studs

    When we built my nephews home we had a lot of twisted studs he wanted to use. He had a giant pair of channel lock pliers and we would nail one end in and then one of us would twist the stud straight and the other shoot a couple nails in. I used to tell him he would be sleeping some night 20...
  2. bud16415

    Installing drywall over "skewed" studs

    What you have is a stud with a twist in it and depending on how far it is sticking out and if it will be a stud where one piece of drywall ends and the next starts may or may not be noticeable. Also a basement laundry I might not worry as much as in the middle of a living room wall. You can...
  3. bud16415


    Welcome to the forum Serge. :welcome group:
  4. bud16415

    Heatpump Wiring Issue After Catastrophic Short.

    First off welcome to the forum. Your problem is a little above my pay grade, but will give you a bump and we have few folks here that should be able to offer some help.
  5. bud16415

    Hi everyone Im a new member Albuquerque New Mexico

    :welcome group:to the forum.
  6. bud16415

    Installing one sided deadbolts on rear/side doors?

    I don’t see it as much of a problem. Like you we only ever enter from one door when the house is locked. About 5 years ago her mother gave us a push button lock set for Christmas and I really didn’t think sticking a key in a lock was a big deal but I installed it right away. That thing we now...
  7. bud16415

    Greetings from FL

    :welcome group: to the forum.
  8. bud16415

    Rheem XP29T06EC30U1 water heater broken

    I have read that a mobile home water heater has to have a HUD approval with non-adjustable temperature setting. It seems crazy to me as well. I guess the idea is a mobile home may be a rental and they don’t expect people renting to know enough to not set the water temp too high. There may...
  9. bud16415

    How to Fix Sagging Ceiling

    If you were a child of the 60’s every house on the block was finished off with Marlite and mirrors in some modern space aged rec room, bathroom, or laundry. It was 4x8 hardboard panels with bulletproof modern plastic on one side. Popular was white with gold and gray swirls that looked like...
  10. bud16415

    Concrete repair resistance

    I would say go for it. Welcome to the forum.
  11. bud16415

    Mold or spray paint ?

    Looks like paint not mold to me. Welcome to the forum.
  12. bud16415

    Can I build an ADU?

    Likely one of the factors why it costs 10X to rent a U-Haul from CA to TX than TX to CA. Don’t know much about the left coast was only up in the north and saw the redwood trees when I was in Oregon 30 years ago. Even then it seemed like a really beautiful place that was starting down the...
  13. bud16415

    Can I build an ADU?

    Living in beautiful NW PA we conceder PA a very red state if you remove the influence of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Lots of affordable land still and lots of wood. I can buy a semi load of slab wood from any of the local sawmills for the price of shipping and could easily heat my home for very...
  14. bud16415

    Can I build an ADU?

    For me it is a case of changing the rules in the middle of the game. You buy a home in an area that is zoned single family housing and any other of a million covenants, conditions and restrictions CC&R housing areas may have adopted. You bought there because that’s what you wanted. Someone else...
  15. bud16415

    How to Fix Sagging Ceiling

    For some reason I missed your post as well. Have you resolved the issue? In these old homes people did all kinds of repairs and basically did what they had to do to make it look best they could. My guess is you have a plaster ceiling above that and it had some cracks or even places...
  16. bud16415

    Dimmer knob keeps falling off

    See if the white part pulls off the post. If it does glue it back into the gold part.
  17. bud16415

    Mixing medium for mica powder?

    I’m an avid home theater person and have built a few DIY front projector screen walls. There are a million paint mixes for doing this and most start out with latex paint and have clear water based poly added along with sometimes mica as a metallic. Most of the mixes that contain just poly and...
  18. bud16415

    What's a reasonable price to fix a leaky main valve?

    My set up is much like yours with an inside meter and a old gate valve. When I bought the house my plan was to redo the whole house in PEX and I had the same problem what to do with that old gate valve. They normally start leaking when they get used after years of sitting open. I shut mine...
  19. bud16415

    ethernet wiring

    As Eddie T mentioned it was the thing to do at one time. It will still be a faster connection than wireless, but wireless now is really fast. With cable wireless you will likely not notice the download speed one way or the other. Most of us don’t require real fast upload speed. As an example...
  20. bud16415

    What Happened....

    Didn't know you left. I took a nap. :welcome: Back.