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    Leaky Sink

    That red and blue cover for the set screw indicates American Standard, I believe. IIRC from mine, a 1/8" hex key is required to remove the set screw.
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    Electric Dryer-Drum Rotates but no heat

    Not sure if this applies, but I had the same issue when the thermal fuse in our Kenmore gas dryer failed.
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    When to replace a fridge?

    Our Kenmore is 30 years old and still works fine. Only issue was a clog in the drain line for the defrost and that blew out easily with compressed air. You may want to check the mounts for the compressor for any looseness. That could account for the noise you hear.
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    Why can't I drill a darn hole???

    If you're drilling into wood, consider the possibility that there is a hidden screw or nail under the paint in that spot.
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    Cheap Garage Cabinets

    Try a Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
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    Moen kitchen faucet is leaking from base under the sink?

    I had the same issue at my daughter's house. The cartridge was leaking and the water ran down internally into the cabinet. The faucet had other issues so a total replacement was the fix.
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    Should cracked wood siding be replaced?

    ^This. I'd use an exterior rated stain suppressing oil based primer such as Cover Stain then top coated with a quality exterior paint.
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    Self leveling oil based paint issues

    You might try using Penetrol in the paint.
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    Water leaked through kitchen light downstairs but anymore?

    My daughter had the same issue. It was a problem with the diverter on the tub spout in an upstairs bath and water was blowing back into the wall.
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    Why do contractors always try to rip me off

    No one called you that, certainly not me. It's interesting that you assumed I did. I'll not comment further on the issue. Ignored.
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    Why do contractors always try to rip me off

    I called that a death estimate. When the potential customer was a flaming AH off the get go, I would calculate the price then double it, knowing I'd never hear from them again.
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    Painted room with exterior paint by mistake

    THIS^. What you are smelling most is the mildew inhibitor. If you wish you can seal with a 100% acrylic primer then top coat with an interior paint of your choice.
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    Mulching blade

    Have a bench grinder and the blade is always sharp. I've not seen any double blades that would fit this mower, however. I try not to let the grass get too high, but sometimes Spring rains prevent cutting in a timely manner. I could cut in two stages, but I'm not THAT dedicated. The search...
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    Baseboard Trim

    Sometimes the void between the wall and the baseboard was filled with compound which cracks after a while. Sometimes this is caused by seasonal expansion of the baseboard due to humidity. Hog out the problem area then caulk with an adhesive caulk (I preferred Phenoseal) then repaint.
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    Mulching blade

    Thanks. This a Craftsman with a single blade. Hoping to get a dedicated mulching blade.
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    Mulching blade

    Need a recommendation for a dedicated mulching blade for a 22" self-propelled walk behind mower. The combo blade bags and side discharges well, but mulching is mediocre and it's what I use most often. I trust the online reviews I've read as much as I trust gas vending machine sushi.
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    Comparing paint removers

    I stopped using stripper with methylene chloride years before I retired. It's a known carcinogen, particularly to soft tissues such as the liver and kidneys. The other products just don't work as well. Brush cleaner is thin, will run off quickly, and rapidly evaporate.
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    Restoring Rusty Tow Chains

    In the Army we mixed oil based black gloss paint with gas, 50/50, dipped the chains, then hung them up to dry.
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    Kenmore portable dehumidifier

    I took the cover off and found a single tube that was crimped. Oh, well, it was worth a shot. Again, thanks to olddog and all who viewed.
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    Kenmore portable dehumidifier

    Many thanks for the fast response. No fittings, thus no recharging?