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    "Sealing" can lights in 2nd floor ceiling (to attic)?

    I'll check to see if the cans are IC rated. I hope they are - they are covered with cellulose insulation in the attic. Do you buy the gaskets?
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    "Sealing" can lights in 2nd floor ceiling (to attic)?

    Heard that you can reduce cooling and heat leakage by sealing can lights in your 2nd floor ceiling. What's the best way to do that? I could lift the ring from the ceiling and caulk under that, but not sure that's the way to go. Any ideas?
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    Interior flood light keeps burning out

    Thanks for the feedback. I decided to try a CFL lamp drawing 15 watts, I decided toin stall a 15W CFL producing 65W equivalent lighting. I'll let you know what happens.
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    Question on venting mircowave oven

    Just got new cabinets and a new microwave over the oven. I have a problem with the venting. The new microwave uses a 11" by 4" rectangular opening in the back center of the cabinet. The exhaust vent to the outside is a standard circular opening to the outside with a flapper on it to prevent...
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    Interior flood light keeps burning out

    I have an interior flood light over the sink in my kitchen. I've lived in this house for 7 years, and have occassionally had to replace this light. Lately, however, when I replace the bulb, it burns out about a week later. We'll just be standing there in the kitchen, and we hear a snap sound...