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  1. Hamberg

    Funny Pictures and stories....

    Now Schlitz I remember. 16 years old, out in the woods... :O/
  2. Hamberg

    Not for Show Dogs

    But, everyone knows what GSD stands for!!! (see avatar pic :O)). Here are a couple vid's of ours and what to expect. Sam has his own YT channel, one has over 1MM views - hahaha Guy Shepherd in the snow Sam on hardwood
  3. Hamberg

    Connect 8-awg ground wire to 16-awg

    Helps if you actually read the posts before you reply :O/. Didn't see the part about the fuses, however, along the lines of your thought, I do believe protecting the breaker leading to that box will work but @Sparky617 or @afjes_2016 could verify that for sure. afjes addressed it above, and...
  4. Hamberg

    Connect 8-awg ground wire to 16-awg

    You are correct, what you are describing will not (or was not) to code. The correct way (to code), and much easier then what you are proposing, is to replace the breakers for those circuits, with AFCI/GFCI breakers. (Probably get away with just GFCI but the difference in cost is negligible).
  5. Hamberg

    Add circuit

    Double check but I believe Challenger service panels were recalled back in the 90's!
  6. Hamberg

    Add circuit

    Will need to confirm with a few of the "Sparkys" here but, if it were me, I would be doing a panel upgrade at this point. At the very least, the new (240v/20A) circuit will need to be grounded. May be able to sneak it in if the service panel (shown) is the first disconnect but if there is one...
  7. Hamberg

    Add circuit

    Sure it's just the angle of the pic, but where is the ground bar in that panel!? I'm with @afjes_2016, does appear there should be a bunch of "clean up" done before attempting to add that circuit...
  8. Hamberg

    Funny Road Signs

    Public Service Announcement They've lowered the speed limit in this area...
  9. Hamberg

    Cheap Garage Cabinets

    Long shot but keep an eye out for anyone upgrading their kitchen (or ask around - real estate Agents are good sources for this) and see if they are going to be throwing out the old ones. We routinely save "better" cabinetry just for that reason. My basement laundry/craft area is done in...
  10. Hamberg

    2022 Projects...

    Shed progress pics...
  11. Hamberg

    What did you do today?

    Not sure what part of Montana you're in but is there any truth to what's portrayed in the Yellowstone series?
  12. Hamberg

    Adding 200A subpanel

    Left out some details, like (inside) panel manufacture, max ampacity, etc. BUT, here is one item that will sway your decision. If you updated (change out) and or add another panel, you'll need to pull a permit (or if you just want to do it right) which means you'll need to upgrade to current...
  13. Hamberg

    Oven is leaking CO like crazy

    (maybe) Tell mom the smoke detectors are old and need to be replaced - replace them with combination smoke/CO detectors and put them up high enough she can't reach them to remove. One of those going off every time she's cooking should give her a reason to fix the problem!
  14. Hamberg

    Terminating wires

    😂🤣 at some point, some one, will listen 🤣😂
  15. Hamberg

    Terminating wires

    Have we established the sub panel/junction/disconnect is under the deck? By most standards, doesn't this constitute inaccessible? (ART 110 NEC). Probably shouldn't be looking to fix this thing but rather bring it up to current standards!?
  16. Hamberg

    Terminating wires

    @swimmer_spe - all conjecture until we see pics…
  17. Hamberg

    Terminating wires

    Not that it matters much but based on the link from the OP, they may be "up north"!? Like @Snoonyb said, we really need some pics to see what you are working on. If, in fact, there are multiple circuits in the "box" there would have to be 2+ breakers. A hot tub would be a minimum 40A (more...
  18. Hamberg

    Why do contractors always try to rip me off

    If it was pre-Covid those quotes just doubled 🤣😂 Not sure how he’d feel then?!
  19. Hamberg

    Why do contractors always try to rip me off

    Man this is a tough subject. I understand the whole soapbox platform we have here BUT in my opinion (as a GC) and for clarification from a consumer's standpoint being "ripped off" is massively different than an independent business owner trying to make a living in a capitalistic society...