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    Patching a Large Hole in Plaster Wall

    While you’re twisting and bending under there, if you have any plumbing skills, I’d certainly get rid of your shut off valves and add ball valves.
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    The wheel falls off

    The axle might not be long enough to put a push nut on the end so I would try to remove the axle altogether and buy a round piece of stock just a little bit longer. Drill a hole at each end, and put a washer and cotter pin outside of each wheel.
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    Looking for drill bits

    eBay has some.
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    Plunge cut with circular saw.

    You know if that you don’t want to do it with a plunge cut, you can always drill the four corners with a drill bit large enough for your saber. Saw blades to go in there. They just cut out in Square up the hole with your saber saw
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    Wiring smart thermostat

    That is exactly what I did. I bought one through Amazon was only like 16 bucks.
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    Wiring smart thermostat

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    Wiring smart thermostat

    I bought the Honeywell one at Lowe’s. Seemed like a good one and marked down to 100 bucks.
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    Wiring smart thermostat

    I bought a Honeywell thermostat for me 2 wire boiler system. Honeywell was a great customer service line. He gave me a link to sign on to and the rep was able to look at both my old and new thermostat and told me which wire from both my boiler and external 24v transformer were to go. Was a...
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    Wiring smart thermostat

    I would like to put a smart thermostat for my heating system in my house, but the one I’d like requires a C wire. I have hot water heat having a Weil McLain boiler with two zones. The two thermostats in the house right now only run off of two wires each. They run down to a control panel located...
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    Saved the Day

    Way to go dude. Nothing like fixing it yourself. Great job.
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    Garage door out of alignment question

    You need to lower your door, completely closed, and then with the winding bars completely to take the spring tension totally off. Once you have no tension on that bar go to whichever side has the loose wire. On that pulley will be two square head screws. Loosen those two screws and rotate that...
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    Garage door out of alignment question

    Please watch the you tubes on this carefully, I then you don’t feel comfortable in doing this, do hire someone or ask friends it they’ve ever done it. We all had our first time doing this but certainly don’t want this to go bad on you. Getting hurt isn’t fun. Good luck.
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    Alphabetical words that you'll find in your shop...

    Oscillating sander.
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    Kenmore dishwasher has a hole in the tub

    If you do go the replacement route, consider a better one with a stainless steel tub. Seeing how cheap that plastic is, I’ve always spent a bit more for a metal tub.
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    Two questions about this pic - mortar and spigot

    Just get a tube of mortar caulking. Easy
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    Reshingling suggestion request

    I certainly would get one or two of these. They seem like they really help against sliding off some roof...
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    Weird draining problem - Biting the bullet!

    Will help also to work your rusted piece back and forth as you try to get it out.
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    Weird draining problem - Biting the bullet!

    Slow and steady gets the job done