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    minor leak at hot water tank T&P valve

    The Hot Water Tank's manual says if there is a Check Valve at its cold water supply, an expansion tank is required. I have this valve at the cold water supply. Is it a check valve? Does the arrow mean it is a check valve?
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    minor leak at hot water tank T&P valve

    Thanks for your responses! Havasu, a technician measured the water pressure to be 50 psi. This matches the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) on the main line. The PRV's label also reads "50 psi".
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    minor leak at hot water tank T&P valve

    Hi everyone. Here is what happened at a townhouse: A T&P valve leaks on an older hot water tank. Replaced it with a new tank. Still leaks. Changed the T&P valve on the new tank. Still leaks. The leak is very slow - about a litre per week. Turned down the valve a bit at the tank's cold water...
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    Should a plumbing inspection be done on a 15-year old townhouse

    A plumber has told me that toilets can have minor leaks around the seal ring that are not noticeable at first. And that plumbing issues can be expensive when they do happen... advocating an inspection. Thoughts?
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    The kitchen counter is warping

    Thanks everyone for your response. Just thought that I'd report the fix: a contractor simply pushed it back in place, and told residents to not lean on it any more. This has worked. Paul
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    Should a plumbing inspection be done on a 15-year old townhouse

    Hi everyone. The subject property is a 15-year old townhouse. Gas hot water tank. No special features. The city water is not hard and pressure is normal. Is it worthwhile calling a plumber for a general inspection, and fix any issues waiting to happen, e.g. change toilet gaskets, etc.? Or...
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    Something is missing above front door

    Thanks, Eddie and Zannej! Yes, that area is sheltered and would never get wet. Functionality-wise, is it necessary to caulk the gap flush before painting the area? How would trim be fastened to the area? Cheers, Paul
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    Something is missing above front door

    Thanks for your response, Eddie! The strip of wood was a continuous piece that went all the way across. My guess is that previous residents snapped off part of it to install a screen door. Now that the screen door is removed, do I need to cover the area with molding, or can I just paint over...
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    Something is missing above front door

    Hi everyone. Some caulking and bare wood are exposed after removing a screen door. Could anyone tell me what is missing, and how to repair it? Should I apply some caulking on top of the existing line of caulking, so that the surface becomes flat? Or is it enough to just paint it? Thanks! Paul
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    Freon loss from AC inspections?

    Hi everyone. I understand that each time a pressure gauge is used on an AC, some freon escapes. Should I be worried about the reduction of freon level, if my AC is inspected once every 1-2 years? Cheers, Paul
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    The kitchen counter is warping

    Thanks for your response, @Snoonyb ! I don't live in that house, and cannot readily take another picture. I do have a full picture of the counter from he other side. How much does this help? Thank you kindly! Paul
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    The kitchen counter is warping

    Hi everyone. I have noticed that the kitchen counter has rotated away from the wall. As the picture shows, using the tiles as a reference, the right side is slightly behind the left side. What would have caused this? (My guess would be the heat and moisture from the dishwasher...) Is it...
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    paint came off on wood below patio door

    Hi everyone. There is a piece of wood sitting on the wall below the patio door, next to the deck. It looks like most of the paint on it has come off. Do you recommend fixing it? If so, what should be the course of action? Just brush on some new paint? Cheers, Paul
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    dishwasher does not start when pressing Start button

    Hi everyone. I have a Whirlpool Quiet Partner II dishwasher. Selecting cycles is fine, and the lights are on. But nothing happens when pressing Start. What could be the cause (e.g. a faulty door latch)? The dishwasher was bought more than 10 years ago, but was only used for about 6 years. Is...
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    Leaving broken window seal as is?

    Hi everyone. A window seal broke and there is some moisture inside. Does it cause any harm other than poorer insulation and fogged panes? Does it require fixing or can I just live with it? Cheers, Paul
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    cup-thing on the side of furnace and pipes going into it

    Hi there. What is the cup-thing on the side of the furnace? It is full of water and overflows into a drain pipe. I think the flexible black pipe is from the AC. It drips water. Should it be placed into the cup as shown in the photo? What are the 2 white rigid pipes above the cup (not the...
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    dirt in window well

    Hi everyone. I have noticed some dirt in my window well. Does this mean something has nested there? Should I have it fixed? If so, how? Thanks so much! Paul
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    Planting fruits & vegetables in COVID-19 times

    I have bought some fruit and vegetable seeds to plant in the backyard, in case we have food shortages, and also to give me something to do while staying home. Good idea? Is anyone doing the same? Cheers, Paul
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    cleaning around fridge and oven

    Hi there. How often does everyone clean around the fridge and oven? I recently pulled the fridge out of its spot and checked around it, and found that the top had a a thick layer of dust, the bottom was full of food debris and coins, and the vent on the back side of the fridge was completely...
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    Health concerns with rabbit, rats and squirrels in backyard?

    Hi everyone. There is a piece of wood missing under my deck which creates a gap. I have seen a rabbit and rats come out from it. There are also squirrels that frequent my deck. In the summer, I do use the backyard such as sitting on the lawn chair and pulling weeds. Do any of these critters...