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    Adding a new 15A circuit to this panel

    Hi everyone, I need to add a new 15A circuit breaker to this breaker box and there seems to be two spots left in the panel. See pic. The question I have is... even though there seems to be two spots left (punch outs there were already punched out) at the bottom of this panel, the bar behind...
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    Foundation Issues

    I have some block walls in the basement under my front porch that are starting to crack badly and bow in. These are not walls that support my house but they support my front porch (cement) and the posts that support the roof over my front porch. Is this something that can be fixed? I assume...
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    load bearing capacity of 1x6 box

    I want to replace the columns on my front porch. They are load bearing and are presently made of 4 - 1"x6" made into a square box (each column). I do NOT want to use that method to replace the columns and instead want to use solid wood or composite columns. BUT I need to determine what the...
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    Really bad house design

    I have a house that I swear was designed and built by an idiot. It is now 22 years old and literally falling apart at the seams and everywhere else. The question/problem I have today that I can't figure out is this. The house is build on a cement slab, the slab extends out from the foundation...