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  1. J

    3 piece rough-in

    well to be very fank and up front with you there is not enough information to answer this question . You have not stated the dimensions of your bath room as to wether or not a tub would even fit .second if there is room for a tub how close is it to the shower . is the shower recessed or is it...
  2. J

    Help!!! Wood floors and cat urine!!

    okay i know this is going to sound weid but theere are to things you can try one mop the floor with a 70 :30mix of vinager and water.second thing you can try id make abaking soda paste and apply it to the area. hope it works for you.
  3. J

    3d Kitchen Layout Software

    oh boy i'm going to be in trouble if my wife sees this site she will want to remodle the entire kitchen.
  4. J

    Bird flu

    maybe if you eat the birds or cleaned up after them without protection it might be a threat . as far as what happened to sars who knows .next year it will be some other mutant virus.
  5. J

    Stripping Wallpaper

    i agree with square eye i love my paper tiger it takes all the back ache out of taking down wall paper . and the dif i believe is the best stipper on the market ti makes it a snap.
  6. J

    I know.....

    thank inpector i always love finding new sites to purouse to give me ideas for my next home project.
  7. J


    well i would be glad to loan you a cople of mine the seem to keep running off with my tools every time i turn around .
  8. J

    Concrete Cracks

    i what not ever used them but would be interrested in see how the stand up over time under a load .but as far as i know they are not an exceptable method for slab crack repair here in the south yet.
  9. J

    Attaching a ledger to a stucco wall

    as inspector d stated any type of seperation from the bolt and washer from being in direct contact with the p. t. wood is what you want to accomplish.
  10. J

    Is this expectable in the trade?

    let us know how you make out with this situation .i am sure that we are all hoping the best for you and getting this matter corrected.
  11. J

    Craftsman RAS

    it is deffinantly from the late 80's . because in the early 90's they changed the color andhorse power on there radial arm saws.
  12. J

    What to do?

    well welcome we have people here from all walks of life and we are all willing to help in any way we can
  13. J

    How have jobs turned out?

    i am with you 100% it nice to hear and see the fruits of someone labor . I myself have been working on a complete remodel of my house . it has been tiring considering i build houses all day then come home and start tearing down walls and putting them back up by morning.
  14. J

    Garage foundation

    the only real problemi can forsee is thatthe concrete will be a tough foe for setting up walls .generally concrete tends to get harder the longer it set naking drilling and nailing into much more difficult.but i agree if its there and you have the time you must build it and they will come.
  15. J

    Repairing Acrylic

    Well snoop i work in new constuction and right now we have just replace an acrylic garden tub that had a crack in the side. right now i don,t have anybody in my area that does this kind repair and can make it match and warranty the tub to hold up.maybe you might have better luck in your area.try...
  16. J

    Free Stuff

    thanks for the info dan. free stuff is always the best.
  17. J

    looking for plans for a gazeebo

    thank guys i really greatfil for all of your input
  18. J

    Exposed brick wall in shower

    did the paint state safe for use on bricksome paint will alow for the brick to breathe and let the moisture escape.
  19. J

    Is this expectable in the trade?

    once all is said and done i would report they to the better business bureua for soddy bussiness patices
  20. J

    How much does an acre cost in your area?

    first check with the county tax asseor office to see what the land around you has been selling for in the last five years.second about property taxes if someone pays your back taxes on your property for two years they can claim the property if you can not pay them the rearage within a specifiied...