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  1. J

    looking for plans for a gazeebo

    I have been looking for plans for an out door gazeebo for a while now with out much luck . most of the online companies want 70- 100 dollars for the plans.
  2. J

    wanted 110 volt portable compressor motor

    I am looking for a compessor motor for my 8 gallon portable compessor tank .the old motor locked up and damaged the piston. hate to throw away apurfectly good tank .But , I am having a hard time finding a new/used motor.If anybody has any ideas where i can get one or has an old one that is good...
  3. J

    Another new guy on the block

    :) Hello, My names is James ,I have been in residental construction for a number of years . A like any good builder would or should do is look for advice on any new project before getting started . So here i am reading ideas and see how other people solve their home improvement problems...