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    unequeal heat pump/air handler tonnage

    an over sized condenser to a undersized evap coil can cause slugging this happens when the liquid sent to the evaporator can not be completely evporated due to the smaller coil and lower fan speeds this can cause the luquid to build up in the accumulator and make it to the compressor . you can...
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    One thermostat, two heat sources

    listen and please forgive the spelling you need a honeywell pro6000 with a 2 heat option pick your primary heat source and wire that to w and secondary to aux or l . you can not mix the input signal so use the 24 volt from the furnace and your output 24v signal to the fireplace and wire this to...
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    Freezing pipes on a heat pump

    if the filter is clean what you can do is get the model and serial of the furnace and find out how many cfm's of air it can move and compare this to the ton's of the ac system you need 400 cfm per ton . the other thing it could be and the more likely is you are low on refrigerent this could be a...
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    Gas Line Tests - HELP!

    what he should do is get him to put at least 30 psi of nitogen which wont condense and spray soap bubbles on every joint in the system I have seen the tracpipe adapters leak if the cut wasnt clean if he keeps blowing you off give a call to the town hall the the inspector has a heads up on the...
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    is this a good price for heatpump

    I wouldnt take my tools out of the truck for that hope you trust the guy scratch and dent means no manufactuer warrante and a company has a reputation to protect and will repair mistakes for at least a year which is why they charge more
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    Bad honeywell valve?

    this can be one that will leave a pro scratching his head connected to the inducer fan moter and sometime a second hose to the heat exchanger will be some rubber hoses hooked to barb fitting disconnect from the motor and heat exchanger depending which one the other end will be connected to a 2...