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  1. nealtw

    Interesting basement foundation, need some guidance

    The problem is with the perimeter drain on the outside, damp proofing on the outside should prevent water from wicking in there.
  2. nealtw

    Composite I-beam question

    When you have a serious load from above you would find beams where that is. I think both walls are load bearing and even if one is not, asking the slab floor to support one joist is not a big deal.
  3. nealtw

    Composite I-beam question

    Right at the top of the web but a 2x6 on both side of the web. Over the wall put blocks to support the 2x6s and cut the center out.
  4. nealtw

    Sliding glass door leaking from top

    I would bet on the windows above.
  5. nealtw

    Canadian Construction Question - measurements

    We can only imagine who made the money when they convinced Americans that a quart was only 32 ounces. I am sure the Colonies used imperial, most were from England.
  6. nealtw

    Sand around foundation

    Normally there is a drain pipe on the outside of the footing and sand would be great to let the water get to the pipe and away.
  7. nealtw

    Canadian Construction Question - measurements

    Construction up here is mostly still in feet and inches. A few things like concrete and rebar. Metric usually comes up a bit shorter. 1.2 M= 47 1/4" Distance to property line is in metric. liquid is confusing because the imperial gal, is already different than the US gal so converting to litres...
  8. nealtw

    6x6 posts to uneven concrete footing

    You are right about wood underground will not rot, But consider where it comes out of the ground where you have moisture and air, that is where they rot. You are not building a fence.
  9. nealtw

    Garage door hinge and how to separate.
  10. nealtw

    Basement Ceiling Insulation - Remove or Replace?

    Insulated floor and no heat in the basement, that is an 8 ft high crawl space and would do better vented.
  11. nealtw

    Attic Framing

    That is true with a few details to the rule. It is true if the gable stud go all the way down to the next solid floor, balloon frame. it is true if you have a solid floor or mostly a solid floor in the attic. If the gable walls are joist nailed to the lower end walls or there is no floor, the...
  12. nealtw

    Random vent that goes outside

    That looks like a return duct and the outside vent should just have a screen.
  13. nealtw

    inside double glasses window

    There is no reasonable fix for that. And you can be sure it out lived the warrentee if that thing was every covered by it. A glass shop would have to remove the glass seperate that glass just to retrive it and then make you a new sealed unit and re install.
  14. nealtw

    Racoon (or something) digging up garden

    birds .........
  15. nealtw

    Soffit Venting

    One should not have anything to do with the other. But If you are lacking insulation below the air chutes then you could have cold areas where moisture could condense on the ceiling . What else was happening when you had the holes drilled.
  16. nealtw

    Corrugated Drainage Tile/sump pump

    You want to go up to a bigger pipe so the pump isn't working so hard.
  17. nealtw

    Water leak into basement through sliding door.

    There is a problem with the flashing above or the door upstairs.
  18. nealtw

    Is this checking / split ok?

    Pretty normal stuff.
  19. nealtw

    Trim Around Glass Panel

  20. nealtw

    Mold or ~efflorescence?

    Have it tested.