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  1. inspectorD

    What Happened....

    Someone once said... what a long strange trip its been,, They knew sumthin...:p
  2. inspectorD

    What Happened....

    :welcome group: back,,,, I swear I only went to use the bathroom,,,
  3. inspectorD

    Christmas card thread

    Im the Jolly elf that stands out under the Missletoe.:rolleyes:
  4. inspectorD

    Christmas card thread

    Well .. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :)
  5. inspectorD

    New guy here.

    Welcome aboard.. Its a fun place if you have the time.
  6. inspectorD

    What did you do today?

    Worked..its the usual OMG can we have it done by Memorial day Spring...HA!! I love customers.....and whats with the record rain.. I dont have time to build an Ark...
  7. inspectorD

    What's your Temp?

    Cold... zero at 6am.. Dont forget to change those batteries this weekend, its Dark O clock this Sunday at 2am.
  8. inspectorD

    Is this toilet sweat?

    Another thing to look at is your roof boot. I have had a few of the rubbers crack at the boot and water follows the waste line vent pipe down.
  9. inspectorD

    What did you do today?

    Brrrrrrrrr... cmon summer!!
  10. inspectorD

    What did you do today?

    almost Friday again..hehe.. Hope all is better than this response!!
  11. inspectorD

    My latest project

    Great Job! A Family heirloom for sure!
  12. inspectorD

    What did you do today?

    I live here and still Love New Englands Charm, Glad you had a good time, Happy Anniversary!
  13. inspectorD

    Basement waterproofing

    Those wall protrusions are there to help a block wall with support not from above, but for the strengh of the horizontal lenght of the wall. Sometimes inside and some on the outside help to prevent cracking longitudinally. Also notice the extended metal window well that goes up. This was added...
  14. inspectorD

    Day started stupid early

    have you ever stepped on a lego....:confused::eek::p
  15. inspectorD

    How to cover this metal stair flange?

    Try cutting a wooden bowl. Just take the bottom off.
  16. inspectorD

    Do not put an extra . on the end of your email address.

    Oh never expul...oh wait..somebody all ready did that to you once.. Maybe.. you can bring the punishement
  17. inspectorD

    Do not put an extra . on the end of your email address.

    why...thats Criminal!!:rolleyes:;)
  18. inspectorD

    Fencing-Property Line

    You can use green laser during the day also.
  19. inspectorD

    Fencing-Property Line

    Masonary line.
  20. inspectorD

    Pressure Washer

    You can also install an additional storage tank to the system.