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    Need help with soundproofing

    Ted, regarding this statement “There isn't a sheet of "soundproof drywall" made that equals eight sheets of standard drywall. That's a well known unsubstantiated piece of marketing hype, I'm afraid.” I would say the soundproof drywall will be better than few layers of drywall if not 8.
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    Sound Proofing with Blown-In Insulation

    Hi ted, Agree with your statement “Any pre-damped drywall is simply layers of standard boards and damping compound.” But this process of making them is time consuming. Quiet Solutions has full TL data by frequency available for their expensive drywall and not for the inexpensive panels. And...
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    Sound Proofing with Blown-In Insulation

    QuietRock costs $40 for the 510 model. Lowe's sells quietrock for $43. It's mentioned in the site aswell. If you are doing it yourself a layer of drywall, and then a layer of quietrock and some glue should not cost much for an entire room. The other models have sheet metal in it but that will be...