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  1. Sparky617

    Trying to sort out my basement/crawl space

    Given your mild and dry climate I'm not sure a conditioned crawlspace is needed. Here in NC vented crawlspaces are common, but many are going to an insulated, sealed, and conditioned crawlspace. This article might be of some use. The site is very good, and if you poke around you might find...
  2. Sparky617

    Help with covered porch ceiling paint coming off

    Our church had covered walkways that used drywall for the ceilings. It was a constant maintenance nightmare and we eventually replaced it with vinyl soffit material. If it were my house, I'd pull down the drywall and replace it with a material designed for outdoor use. Options include: vinyl...
  3. Sparky617

    HELP? rain seeping in - exterior door.

    Some garage doors are swing out, that door looks to me like it was designed to swing out. Swinging it out keeps you from swinging into the side of your car in a tight garage. Our side door swings in, but we rarely use it because of this issue. It looks like your threshold plate slopes into...
  4. Sparky617

    Ceiling fan cracking ceiling

    The old tape needs removed and replaced. You could use fiberglass or self adhesive paper tape. I find the self adhesive paper tape more DIY friendly. The big challenge is making the repair match the texture on the ceiling. They do make spray on finishes that can replicate the texture, but a...
  5. Sparky617

    Installing insulation to existing wall

    A second layer of drywall would do more than fiberglass insulation. Dense pack cellulose might help and could be blown in.
  6. Sparky617

    Crawlspace concerns

    Conditioned crawlspaces are the preferred method these days. To do one you need to encapsulate the crawlspace, insulated the walls, close off the vents and install supply and return lines from the HVAC into the crawlspace. Alternatively, you can install a dedicated dehumidifier with a...
  7. Sparky617

    How would you fix this siding ?

    No need to draw it, here is a website image showing Z-flashing in use. You don't want to count of caulking to keep water out, the Z-flashing will divert water coming down the wall away. Z-Flashing
  8. Sparky617

    How would you fix this siding ?

    It looks like it might be Masonite, so your compressed paper thought is close to the truth. If you can't afford to replace it for now, I'd cut the bottom couple of inches off. Prime the cut with KILZ or Zinser Bin primer. Then I'd install a piece of primed on all sides wood, horizontally with...
  9. Sparky617

    Replacing stud?

    If it were load bearing the book shelf would have been compromised by the weight from above, or they built in a header above. Fill in the missing piece, add some blocking to hold it in place and call it a day.
  10. Sparky617

    Shower grab bars

    Do you have access to the other side of the wall from the shower unit? If you do, open the wall up and install backing. If it is against an exterior wall and you don't have access, I'd do the expanding foam as Snoonyb mentions.
  11. Sparky617

    Garage rot.... things look bad, and worse, and worse!

    You might try checking with Habitat for Humanity. Our local chapter has a program to help seniors and others of limited means with repairs. Another group to try is Rebuilding Together. I've volunteered with them and my son did a year with them through AmeriCorps. They also do this type of...
  12. Sparky617

    HELP? Exterior door box rot.

    I would use an oscillating saw to cut out the rotted section. Putting together the replacement pieces may require some milling with a table saw to get the profile just right. From the picture this door appears to have side lights on the other side of the rotted wood. There are some wood...
  13. Sparky617

    HELP? Exterior door box rot.

    Very common problem. I cut it out and replaced it with Azek cellular PVC.
  14. Sparky617

    Bedroom 1, Bedroom 3 and Kitchen ALWAYS Hotter

    Branch ducts normally have a damper at the main trunk line that can be adjusted to regulate flow into each of the branches. You might want to throttle the colder rooms back a little bit and make sure the hot rooms are wide open. There are also in-duct booster fans available that could help...
  15. Sparky617


    Large "oversized" pickups are a pretty much a North American thing. Pick-ups that are used in Europe tend to be Toyota Hiluxes or Ranger sized, not F150 or Silverado sized. They do have a lot of SUVs but not many in the Suburban size. But many large Range Rovers. I've driven large military...
  16. Sparky617

    Fix for lifting wood floors...

    Can you post a picture or two? If it is over concrete I'd assume this is an engineered hardwood floor. That is a hardwood veneer wear layer over a plywood base versus solid hardwood. Is is a floating floor or glued down? If you pull the shoe molding in this area does the floor have room to...
  17. Sparky617

    Fix for lifting wood floors...

    Squeaks can be caused by a number of problems. Typically, it is the subfloor has separated from the floor joist and the subfloor is riding up and down on the nails causing the squeaks. Do you have access from below? This is a product that I haven't used that claims to work on carpeted floors...
  18. Sparky617


    I lived about 30 miles from Milton Keynes back in the early 1980s. We used to go over for the American style indoor mall. Pretty unusual in the UK at the time. It was amazing the number of round abouts through-out that planned community.
  19. Sparky617


    I strongly suspect that no one chooses to "do fatal accidents." Every time I set out in my car my goal is to arrive safely at my destination without killing or injuring anyone or anything and to do the same on my return trip. Left turns are probably the most dangerous thing people do while...
  20. Sparky617


    Diverging diamonds work pretty well. We have several off of I-40 here. I've ridden my bicycle thru one numerous times. Full clover leafs don't work well when traffic builds. As to bikes and round-abouts, I haven't had a problem negotiating my way around one. They aren't a one-size-fits-all...