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    Self grounding outlet with screws only

    Thanks for all the great tips! @afjes_2016 @bud16415 Although I'm still not sure what would be the correct way to use a grounding clip instead of a screw. Where would be the right spot to attach it and how does it secure the pigtail..
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    Self grounding outlet with screws only

    The boxes are grounded (BX cable) but, it's over 20 receptacles that were installed some day in the past before I purchased this house and they are all grounded like that, Lutron TR receptacles without the self-grounding clip and no ground pigtail but show that they are grounded when tested with...
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    Self grounding outlet with screws only

    Hi! I've heard before that mounting screws are not an accepted grounding for a self grounding outlet and a grounding clip should be used, I assume the code probably says the same (I'm in NJ, USA for that matter). I'm curious why the screws are not an acceptable ground path, is it because they...
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    Vibration From The Condenser Unit

    Hello people, I have an outdoor condenser unit (pictures attached) that transfers vibrations into my house framing whenever it runs and it's causing a low-pitch hum noise in multiple locations through the house. The noise is something like the sound of a sub-woofer on low volume. The sound...
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    TXV Bulb Insulation

    The TXV bulb of my HVAC unit has something that looks like a black rubber/plastic/silicone sleeve on the end of its tube (picture attached). This sleeve/cover should be there or just forgotten to be removed during the installation?
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    Siding corner and roof vent cap question

    Hello, Looking for an advice, in reference to the attached picture: There is an uncapped hole of the siding corner through which rain water is getting behind the siding. What would be the right way to cap it? The roof vent cap looks old and rusted but no leaks. What would be a better...
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    House foundation moisture

    Hello forum members! There is one area of the house foundation that always have a musty/wet smell after rains and it seems like this smell also seeps into a powder room behind the wall. I don't think that source of the visible moisture is from the inside as the drywall on the inside of this area...
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    how to fill a gap between patio and lawn

    Sand won't get out of there with wind?
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    how to fill a gap between patio and lawn

    What type of fill (soil? topsoil?) would be the best option for filling a cement retention gap between paver patio and a lawn that the grass will grow there? (pictures attached)
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    main water shut off valves around the meter

    Thanks for the explanation! So I used the one after the meter and while the water was OFF the meter started dripping from the bottom. Once I re-opened the valve after the meter, the meter slowly stopped dripping. This was puzzling as why would the meter leak only when the shut off valve right...
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    main water shut off valves around the meter

    Hey guys, What is the reason for having two separate shut off valves around the meter? Which one (or both?) should I use to shut the water to the house? Thanks in advance!