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    Log cabin walls water stained

    Log cabin interior walls water stained. No further damage since roof was replaced over ten years ago. Bleach and water solution just seems to lighten but not remove affected areas. How to clean properly?
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    Reshingling suggestion request

    Thank you for the responses. Major concern being I'm doing this all alone. I move slowly. Please advise how to avoid water damage from area removed of old shingles , prior to reapplication of underlayment (tar paper) and new shingles. ie. how do you secure tarping from winds? This will take me...
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    Reshingling suggestion request

    Hi, Looking to reshingle this side of the house. No access to conventional (store bought) scaffolding. Remote location. Lumber and tools available. Thinking of DIY wood scaffold. Limited physical ability. What would be most appropriate? Thank you.