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    Post a Picture of your Latest Project

    working on some shop cabinets.
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    How to paint metal so it doesn't wear off

    if its small enough I think you can get a powdercoat kit at Hazard Frought (harbor freight) and bake it in your oven.... it's a bit pricey looking at it online for about $80 + paint... you could also see if you have a local powdercoat place if your only going to need it done once, but if you do...
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    WHY do people buy blank?

    the only thing that tastes better than your own shredded potatoes is ones covered in the tears of someone else who has shredded them for you.
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    Rotten Egg Smell When First Using Drain

    electric hot water heater? get a special anode. I kid you not.
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    Can i replace the 2 supports around my post with a simpson t tie?

    For me this is the difference between "can" and "should". You "can" replace it with a T but without thoroughly examining what's above it (their might be load points on either side of the post to consider), if that's a butt joint between 2 joist spans (which I suspect it is), are their other Y's...
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    Does this need fixed?

    That's something I wouldn't want to fail on me while in the middle of "using" it.
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    How should I fill the void in a horizontal sliding window after installing a condensing fan?

    I used left over FRP. They are about $40 for a 4x8 sheet at the big box. I had some left over from a shower surround. You could also use something like this: The only reason I "spring"...
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    covering an unsightly septic tank hole

    That sounds horribly like what I'm in the middle of right now. The current debate is where we are going to get enough clean fill dirt to top the mound with... CLEAN fill dirt to cover my sh$#. What they really mean is dirt that they certify. All I could do was roll my eyes at the guy when he...
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    covering an unsightly septic tank hole

    $1100 for the engineers drawing $850 for the county permit and all the documentation says they should last around 20 years. I can totally see why people do their own thing. It would seem to me that somebody should be able to design a system better. Like yours it seems like grey water and waste...
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    Unbelievable Repairs

    HA! But you make a good point... this probably did happen at 2am on a Sunday morning, all the guy had was a box of parts and the nearest town was and hour away.... Sound like something I would... I mean a friend of a friend would do. Every body loves those remote cabin get aways in the...
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    What did you do today?

    Here are the desk mount arms I've used. Looks like they are on sale for $47.97 and I've been really happy with them. If your looking at something different just make sure you don't pay much more than that because those have been rock solid for a number of years for me and 3 other people I've...
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    covering an unsightly septic tank hole

    I don't know if this it timely or not but my leach field has failed and right now I've been waiting for more than 3 weeks to get back the engineering report for a new one. I've been dropping a pump down in my tank every morning to keep it below the leach field. My lids are the green plastic type...
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    What did you do today?

    I installed a new sprinkler control box and put nose molding on a stair. It didn't go as smoothly as I hoped, but I got it done. Have any of you checked out the Wyze Sprinkler controller? it's like $60 and you control it with your smart phone. I was shocked for $60 that it worked flawlessly(for...
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    Non-destrucive way to remove ends of plastic drums?

    pickle barrels are black and the lid screws off the entire top(55 gallon). I can usually find them on craigslist. There is a company that will ship them but they cost to much find a local food goods distribution center and they will usually sell them for $25 to $50. I have a distribution point...
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    4x4 post bowing into gate

    I like EKrig's solution as a "fix" and probably what I would do. If I was going to devise a permanent solution here are the 2 options I would take: Replace the post with a Ceder or redwood post. Set in Concrete that drains away. Replace the post with a steel square post. Set in Concrete that...
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    Can I not do a pocket joint with this Kreg?

    it would... wood moves especially in a bathrooms because of heat and moisture. So as long as your ok with the "seams" or corners opening up it would be fine. I have a couple mirrors where the frame is just stuck to the mirror directly with no other attachment. Basically sicks of wood glued to...
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    Can I not do a pocket joint with this Kreg?

    dabs of clear silicone adhesive it the corners. They usually have the adhesive kind in the isle with the glass and lexan.
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    Turning a commerical light into a beautiful thing

    Why not go with a multi colored LED maybe even one you can control with Alexa. "Hey alexa open the port" turn on lights to white slow strobe "Hey alexa the fog be thick ... YYYAAARRRR!" turn on the light to Purple full brightness "Hey alexa stealth mode" turn off the light. There are way too...
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    Dryer 220 wire

    Nolox all your aluminum connections especially if you can see any of the aluminum "exposed". I had an electrician recommend this to me because I was running long runs of aluminum to gates and outbuildings. I did the long runs in Aluminum and then copper inside everything at the ends. I did have...
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    Automatic Gate Openers ?

    I also forgot to mention I used the method in that video regularly around here and it works great in sandy loam with clay soil. If you've got enough clay mixed in there it makes it set like concrete. I haven't put a gate on it but it works good when your pulling wire fencing tight. Normally it...