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    Hardie plank siding help!

    yeah it was factory finished. I know there was a special term for it but can't seem to find what they called it 10 years ago.
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    Hardie plank siding help!

    It's never been repainted in the 10 years since the siding has been installed. The original siding was pre-painted. I appreciate the response. It sounds like it's not much of a concern and can be resolved the next time I get the house painted.
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    Hardie plank siding help!

    Any hardie plank siding experts here? I have a 10 year old house with hardie plank siding. I've recently noticed some issues along some of the edges of the siding. In case it matters, it's mostly on the north side of the house (which gets less direct sunlight). It could have been this way for...