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    Replacing gate to wooden fence; suggestions or feed back to my plan?

    I've been replacing my fence other than the posts as those are still in good condition. All I have left is the gate. I have attached a picture of the gate with numbers on the pieces to make it easier to talk about One thing I know I am doing is adding a wheel to it since it's such a long gate...
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    Deck stain and Seal protection length Question

    Louisville Ky and it was built last sepetember, so its had time to get "seasoned " Also all three of those are deck stains, they also mention the protection lasts a couple years more for fences
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    Deck stain and Seal protection length Question

    I have a new deck which I need to seal in the next month or two I went to lowes to see what they had, and I saw the Olympic stain and seal combo As I start looking at the different types, I noticed a 4, 6 and 10 year protection, but what is throwing me for a loop is they are all basically...
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    Do I need to pressure wash my new deck build in September before sealing?

    I have a new deck, built in September, it's ready to be sealed. Do I need to pressure wash it first or can I just hose it off with some cleaner, as there are a few spots that are dirty?
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    Under deck draining system, do I need to seal underneath before installing system?

    I'll be sealing my deck (off the second story) soon, and I'll be installing a draining system afterwards as we have a deck under it and I'd like to sit out there during when it rains Should I seal underneath too? I only ask because the draining system will cut off air flow from underneath...
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    HVAC won't start for AC unless I turn heat on first? Board going out?

    Okay, so my AC/HVAC won't start unless I turn it to heat, let it run a few moments, then switch back to cold and lower temperature. It has been working for 5 hours so far now, but I'm worried, as this did this last week, but then ran for about 10 days in a row no issues. Is this the...