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  1. texasman

    Wall Oulet

    Is there such an outlet that one outlet is constant on and one is switch controlled. Dont want to have to rewire looking for something i can just purchase.
  2. texasman

    Prepping Door

    I'm needing to reseal my front door. It has Polyurethane on it right now but i want to put on Spar Varnish since it gets a lot of sun light and when it rains it hits the door. What prep do i need to do to make sure the Varnish adheres properly. I'm not wanting to remove the stain. Thanks for...
  3. texasman

    Light Switch Wiring

    I was installing a zigbee light switch and it needed all 4 wires connecting to it. Then i noticed there were 3 sets of wires coming into this electrical box that only houses 2 switches. Then looks like one black wire is powering the two switches. Does it make a difference which neutral...
  4. texasman

    Remove Buildup

    Is there anything off the shelf i can use around the house on all pipes to help remove build up from over the years. Just had a slow running toilet so trying to avoid anything in the future. Something also i could use on the clean-out pipe. Thanks for any input.
  5. texasman

    Mini Fridge

    I have a Frigidaire Mini Fridge. In the past few days its starting to develop a cracking, popping noise coming from the back. Its still staying cold. Any clue whats causing the noise is it about to go out. Its about 10 years old. Never had any problems with it.
  6. texasman

    CFL Bulbs

    I have a hutch in my living room im wanting to put CFL bulbs in it. The hutch has a dimmer in it but its controlled by a wireless switch so the dimmer is never touched and always on high. I added some CFL bulbs without realizing they aren't dimmable so even though i don't touch the dimmer and...
  7. texasman

    Portable Air Conditioner

    Im looking to get a portable air conditioner for my room the texas heat is scorching my room. Dont really like the idea of having the hose exit out of the window. My question is can i do like a dryer vent and exhaust the a/c unit that way. Thanks for the help.
  8. texasman

    Dimmer Switch

    Looking into replacing the dimmer switches in my living room. I have a total of 4 recessed flood lights in the room. There are 2 dimmers so each dimmer controls 2 lights. My question is i was reading about Master Dimmer Switch. So if i had a master dimmer to the main panel that i use the...
  9. texasman


    Got a strip of dirt along the side of my house thats about 45 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. I was just gonna plant some grass in there since my sidewalk isnt that wide give me some extra walking space. My question is i was looking at the Scotts Turf Builder has anyone used this or is there...
  10. texasman


    When i was at lowes today i noticed these Miracle-Gro Tree & Shrub Nutrient Spikes so i got a package that came with 12. Has anyone used them and are they worth doing. I wont be using them on a tree just bushes. Do you just put a spike at every bush at the roots and then just water as usual...
  11. texasman

    New Drill

    Finally getting myself a new drill been using a 9.6 volt Dewalt for over 10 years. Gonna go with a Dewalt again it was a great drill my question is should i go with 14.4 volt or 18 volt. Mainly gonna use it around the house nothing heavy duty at all. Any input is welcome. Thanks for the help.
  12. texasman

    Sealing Up Exterior Lights

    Just added two new lights under my patio and they are filling up with bugs. Any way to seal the fixture up to prevent it. Thanks for any help.
  13. texasman

    Alarm Sign

    Didnt know where to post this so gonna put it in here. I have ADT security system and have some of those yard signs. My question is is there any way you could remove it from the pole and mount it to a fence. The reason i ask is there are townhouses behind me and wanted to mount one of the...
  14. texasman

    New Ceiling Fan

    I just installed a new ceiling fan in my kitchen its a Harbor Breeze. It came with some 40 watt bulbs in the box but i got some CFL bulbs but they flicker very bad could the ceiling fan not accept those or is there something wrong with the unit. Thanks any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. texasman

    New Floodlight

    Im looking into a new floodlight for my driveway but i want it dusk to dawn. All the ones lowes has i dont like but found this sensor you can buy seperate. My question is can it be hooked up to the light i picked out and also can i still control it at the switch. So like i leave in the...
  16. texasman

    Error Message

    Trying to add pics to an existing thread but get this error message "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing." Any clue what is triggering this. Never had this problem uploading pics before.
  17. texasman


    Does anyone on here use terminax monthly service. Ive got them coming out in a week and wanted to know if its worth it and all. Getting the inside and outside sprayed and then once a month come back to respray the outside. Thanks for any comments about them.
  18. texasman

    Bringing Bush Back To Life

    In front of my house i got some bushes and all but one are healthy. Its not fully dead just one side its not getting leaves. What could i use on it to try and get it back to life without having to get a new one. Also whats good to put on the others to make them a little fuller and greener...
  19. texasman

    Dent In Door

    Got this new door installed and some guys moving stuff for me nailed it and put a crack. What is best for making it flush again and some what strong. I know it wont look brand new but something better than it is. Thanks for any help its appreciated.
  20. texasman

    Hey From Texas

    New on the forum im in Texas. Just got my own house and started to remodel little bits and pieces and wanna do as much work as i can myself. So i will def be around getting advice. Talk to yall soon.