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    Mogul to standard adaptor?

    Okay guys, I need help. I have two antique lamps which use three-way mogul base bulbs. I need a couple of adapters from mogul to standard base. I can find “single” screw-in adapters for around $5, but I cannot locate any THREE-WAY adapters. Does anyone know where I can find some? I an...
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    Cut license plates

    I want to do a craft project with license plates, and need to cut them into the shape of their state. Any suggestions for cutting these? I don’t want to use a torch or heat; I want to keep the paint intact. Thanks!
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    Post pictures?

    Okay guys - I'm not very computer literate, so I need a little help here. How do I attach photos off of my iPad onto a post? Thanks for the help!
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    Vacuum pump?

    Okay, I need some help here. :confused: I purchased a mini split unit; long story short, I'm going to have to install it myself. I am not searching for top grade professional equipment; I only have this one unit to install and possibly a second one later for another room. So, I'm looking for a...
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    SENVILLE mini split install help!

    Hi folks. Here I am again to seek your advice/assistance. Here's the situation: We're having some remodeling done by a contractor(he's also an electrician). We like to sleep in a cold bedroom but don't like "refrigerating the rest of a 2200SF house, so one project was going to be mounting an A/C...
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    Which window/wall A/C?

    We like bedroom COLD for sleeping. We're planning to buy a window A/C to put in the bedroom; probably mounted in the wall. Back in the "old days" most window A/Cs had a "vent" lever you could open to just draw in fresh air from the outside when it's cold out. Can't seem to find any like that...
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    Granite countertop

    Hi guys. I would like some advice preferably from a professional stone man. (Or at least someone who REALLY knows what they're talking about - not just an opinion. We just had granite counter tops installed. It is a black granite called "Black Pearl" ... widely available and very popular...
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    Kitchen cabinet installation questions

    Remodeling my kitchen; we purchased some cabinets from Habitat For Humanity store. How high above the floor should the upper cabinets be installed? My over-the-range-hood/microwave was originally installed way too low. You couldn't even get a tall pot on the stove. The microwave/range hood is a...
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    Laminate glue down on concrete slab.

    I need some "professional" advice ... not just another "I think" opinion. Our house is 40 years old; concrete slab. In one room, I pulled up the carpet, and then scraped up the vinyl/linoleum tile squares. The floor is smooth, with some old glue residue left on the slab (won't scrape off). We...
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    What model paint sprayer?

    Well, I posted last week on the painting forum and nobody responded. Maybe I'll have better results here. :) We use ONLY Behr paint, and for those of you who don't know, it's almost as thick as pudding that hasn't quite set. I have to paint the outside of our 2 story house this summer. I would...
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    What model paint sprayer?

    After many painting jobs (our own, not professional), we use ONLY Behr paint. It is the only one that gives us the results we want. For those who haven't ever used it, it is almost the consistency of not-quite-set pudding. Really thick and gives awesome results. Does anyone know of a relatively...
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    Induct Fan Booster

    My furnace - a/c is in the basement. We added a bathroom on the second floor, and our pluming/HVAC guy ran a duct up inside the wall to the bathroom. The problem is that there is BARELY any air coming out of it, although the other second floor air vents have really good air flow. He suggested...
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    Drywall mud ... what's up?

    I buy drywall mud in the 40 lb buckets, but because I'm not working very quickly, one bucket lasts me several months. Now for the problem - after it sits for a couple of weeks, when I take the lid off, there is mold (black, green, and orange) on the surface of the mud. I usually just scrape the...
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    hvac booster fans

    My house is a 100+ year old 2 story on a full basement. The furnace is a high efficiency gas unit that is 11 years old. We took a small bedroom/closet upstairs and converted into a master bath. This room didn't have a heat vent, so our plumber/HVAC man ran a duct upstairs (through the balloon...
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    SILICONE caulk residue

    When I put in our new tub and 5 piece surround (both plastic/fiberglass), I used silicone bath/tub/tile caulk around the joint. Apparently, 1 area didn't seal well because when we take a shower, we have water running out the end of the tub/surround juncture and down the side of the tub on the...
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    Solar light batteries

    I have a battery charger that we use to recharge the batteries for our cameras, TV remote, etc. We have several outdoor solar lights; they all have size AA batteries. A couple of them no longer work (I presume that the batteries are are either bad or discharged). My question is this: Can I...
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    Money Savers

    In remodeling the half bath in the house, we went looking at new vanities. The ones that looked decent were a couple of hundred dollars, and still were made of particle board. We found a "commode" at an antique store that was the right height and had 2 doors. We got it for $85. Then we went to...
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    Experiences, Tips, Suggestions

    In rehabbing my house (NOWHERE near finished!) I have found that what I think should take an evening, takes about a week. Also, everything costs about 4 time more than I expect! More experienced people can estimate time and cost much more accurately - but, for inexperienced DIY-ers such as...
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    Help! My house (2 story, 1890, "balloon" framing [exterior wall studs run from the foundation to the attic]) has squirrels. They are going in the top of a soffit/fascia (?) board above a second floor window. From there, they somehow crawl down the wall, halfway across that wall, and in between...
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    Hey, Austin, TX, Neal, and oldog .... what would y'all think of a couple of new threads ... 1) "Experiences, Tips, and Suggestions" .... a thread of posts about what people did that did/didn't work? 2) "Money Savers" .... a thread of posts of ways to save money when doing "traditional" things in...