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    Temporary stage plans

    I'm building this 8'x15' stage for a fundraising event. The plans I've attached were drawn up by an architect. They are obviously pretty simple, but I have a couple questions (the person who drew them up isn't available). A 2x8 will be anchored to the porch, so that the stage will be an...
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    Skylight leak

    I have water leaking on a bottom corner of a skylight. I have experience with minor roofing and flashing from installing vents, etc., but I've never dealt with a skylight. I'm not sure what the pitch of the roof is off hand, but it's not much of a pitch. Water seems to gather at the corner where...
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    Walnut plywood slab cabinet doors: options for finishing

    I've had several posts during my kitchen reno, and I'm sure I'll have more. I appreciate all the input so far. I couldn't do projects like this without the advice. I'm now moving on to my semi-custom cabinet install. I've become a big fan of Ikea carcasses and the Blum hardware that comes with...
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    Floating Bamboo floor installation in kitchen

    I'm in the middle of a kitchen renovation and should be installing a Click-Lock floating bamboo floor from Cali-Bamboo at the end of the week. My kitchen is completely empty, with a plywood subfloor. My preference is to lay the floor wall to wall and put cabinets on top. Cali-Bamboo says not to...
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    Venting over the range exhaust

    As part of my kitchen remodel, I'd like to go ahead and vent my OTR microwave outside. It is not an exterior wall, so I will being going straight up, or as straight as I can go depending on rafter locations. The kitchen has a sloped ceiling with no attic above it, so I'm hoping I'll just need to...
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    How to make 11" deep floating shelves sturdy

    I am remodeling my kitchen using a combination of Ikea boxes and custom fronts and shelving. In place of some old upper cabinets, I'll be putting floating shelves made from plywood and ripped down 1x for the fronts and sides. I generally make these about 8" deep on a 1x2 cleat screwed into at...
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    Rainguard Clear-Seal Urethane/Acrylic sealer over stain?

    I have my treated pine deck stripped, cleaned and prepared for new stain. My plan is to use PPG Alkyd/Oil Semi-transparent stain. I'm curious if there is any reason I can't use a urethane/acrylic sealer over the stain for durability and a little gloss. A friend of mine has some such product...
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    Can someone advise me as to what this switch is for?

    I'm remodeling my kitchen soon and trying to figure out why this switch is paired with this outlet. I assumed it was a switched outlet, but it's not. It doesn't appear to do anything at all. Any answers from this picture?
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    Looking for information concerning possible mold problems

    My girlfriend and I have been renting a house to a woman and her three children since mid-September. Prior to that, my girlfriend lived there for 6 years. It did seem to be a humid house, and she often ran a dehumidifier, but there was no visible mold. Before renting the house, I completely...
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    Building Kitchen Cabinets

    After about 5 years of renovating my house, including general woodworking and some furniture building, I'm starting to think about getting started on my kitchen. I've put off the kitchen for this long because I really want to be able to do the entire thing myself, and cabinets have long been my...
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    Wood plank flooring on wall

    I am about to remodel a living room, and I'd like to cover one wall in finished bamboo plank flooring. The other three walls will be drywalled. I've never done this before, so I'm curious to hear from anyone with experience. I'm not sure if I can safely go with an inexpensive, solid bamboo...
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    Removed window/Need to patch aluminum siding

    I renovated a bathroom at my girlfriend's house a while back and had to remove a window. I need to patch up the outside, which is old aluminum siding. Eventually, I'll reside the entire wall with vinyl, but for now I need to patch it quickly. Looks aren't all that important, but I obviously need...
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    Question about waste plumbing when adding 1/2 story bath

    I am currently remodeling my girlfriend's 1st floor bath. There is a wall between the kitchen and bath that houses all of the home's waste and supply lines. We had a plumber come in and cut everything out and replace it with PVC and PEX. While this wall is open, I was thinking it's worth...
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    61" bathroom to 60"

    I'm remodeling a bathroom with the tub against the back wall. The old tub was 61", and the new tub is a standard 60". The walls around the tub will get CBU and tile. The tub is in place but I need to fur out the right hand wall an inch (lefthand tub). I'm look for ideas on how to best handle...
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    CBU under tub or after tub installation?

    This may be a very basic question, but I've never done a complete tear out of a bathroom, and it has me thinking. Right now, I'm down to the studs and plywood subfloor. The plumbing is done aside from the tub drain and valve installation. The plumber is waiting for me to get the tub in. After I...
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    Need to temporarily remove A/C to replace decking

    I am planning out a project that will involve replacing my decking, and my A/C is on my deck (ground level deck). What I need to do is remove it, tear up the decking, put down plywood so that I can temporarily replace the AC, and then replace it for good once the project is finished and decking...
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    Tearing up ground level deck to deal with drainage issues at rear of house

    This seems like the most appropriate sub-forum, since it concerns a foundation issue... I'm going to take up my decking and replace it but part of my objective in taking up the deck is to put proper drainage underneath, so I'd like to plan that before I start. The deck is no more than 10" off...
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    Cutting/installing glue down cork

    I have my floor ready to install 12x24 glue down cork tiles from Duro Design. My bathroom floor is unique in that it has a cellar door right in the middle of it. Whoever last built a door and installed vinyl tile did a very poor job of building the door and blending it in with the floor. I...
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    Question about underlayment for glue down cork tile

    I am pulling up a glue down vinyl tile floor in my bathroom and replacing it with 12x24 glue down cork tiles (3/16"). There is what appears to be 1/4" luan under the vinyl tile, although it's taking a beating as I scrape up the vinyl tiles. I am hoping to patch this up and glue the cork on it...
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    Prepping and painting stair treads

    I have a spiral staircase that is currently stained and coated in poly. I'd like to paint them black. What do I need to do to prep them, and what's the best steps to properly paint them? I've included a picture of the steps.