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    Need table saw recommendations...

    I've been assembling a small, DIY home workshop, and I'm in the market for a table saw, and could really use some recommendations. My apologies in advance for a long post. For those patient enough to wade thru it and offer suggestions, many thanks. Selection criteria: Budget: Up to...
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    Stud finder/laser level

    Does anyone make a good quality stud finder that also has a self levelling feature that will shoot a laser line either horizontally or vertically? I've seen models that will shoot a horizontal line, but what about a vertical plumb line?
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    Help me choose a reciprocating saw

    Hi, I'm just your garden variety weekend warrior home improvement type. I don't really need professional quality tools in order to make a living, but I also refuse to buy cheap tools as I'd rather pay a little more for quality and get the job done right the first time and not have to replace...