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    blower reley

    does anyone know where the blower reley is on a trane xe90. is in the curcuit board? Ifound what looks like a coil. it has wires attached to it and has what is wire spooled around the back
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    Blower reley

    Where is the blower reley on a trane xe90. Is it intregrated in the circuit board. I traced the wires and I can only find a coil. Is that it?
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    Trane xe90 Blower is running all the time

    The blower on my Trane xe90 is always running I set the the thermostat to off and it still runs. The only way I can get it to turn off is to shut the furnance off at the shutoff. I just replaced the circuit board just over a year ago. I read other forums and they say the the fan relay. I think...