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    How to darken concrete?

    I'd like to slightly darken some concrete column caps to match some concrete footings at the base of the stone columns. The color difference is this: when the caps are wet, they match the dry footings. Once they dry out, they are much too light. I saw some transparent concrete stain by Behr but...
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    Brush surprise!

    I would have never thought it but I found that a Purdy 2 1/2 inch "thick body" angled brush is awesome for cutting edges on everything! I used it on wall/ceiling joints, base moulding/drywall joints, etc.. I used to use/try thinner body Purdies in 1 1/2 or 2 inch (sash/trim/XL Dale models) and...
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    Found some yucky stuff

    I demo'd our aged patio cover which was made of poorly finished rough sawn doug fir and was 35 years old. Inside one of the posts was a moist yellowy spongey substance. What is this stuff, some kind of mold or decay? Sorry to gross you out :eek:
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    Wet sculpting drywall mud?

    I do a lot of my own drywall work but hired a crew to do a room with some cathedral ceilings. On the head high and lower areas, I saw that they used a knife to shave down or feather the semi set-up drywall mud so it didn't have to be sanded as much later. This was very cool as it cut down on the...
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    Clear finish for wood?

    I need recs for a clear, satin-finish water base finish for natural pine interior doors. Thanks.
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    The worst client?

    It's gotta be my wife. She insists that the work be finished ASAP but balks every time I want to work when she is off for the day. Also, I can't paint or make too much noise if she is telecommuting that day. I get no appreciation for a job completed but am the first to hear if something looks...
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    Using stucco bullnose trowel?

    Anyone ever use this tool? I used one for the first time on some architectural foam today with smooth stuccco. Kinda frustrating but the job ended up coming out ok. I applied the flat areas first (top and sides of a column cap). I then ran the bullnose tool along the radius of the edges. I kept...
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    Drywall in window frames?

    I installed a 3h x 4w window in my drywalled garage wall. It's framed with 2 x 4s and the header, which show--I want to cover them with 1/2 inch drywall and a corner bead for appearance. The depth of the window sill/frame is only about 2 1/2 inches. Do I have to tape and mud these inside corners...
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    Nailing tops of base moulding?

    How do you guys handle nailing the top edge of moulding that strays from the wall if there isn't any or enough studs nearby the offending area? I was thinking that I could nail two nails thru at opposing angles to "lock" the top edge to the drywall. Shooting straight in obviously just pulls out...
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    How flush should pre-hung doors be?

    Am I too demanding? I'd like our new french doors installed flush to the drywall so when trim goes over it is nice and flat. This is clear natural pine casing and the same mat'l for the door so we aren't puttying and painting. On the first install attempt, one set of doors was off level 3/8...
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    Shiny browncoat?

    My browncoat dried with a glossy sheen on it. What causes that? It doesn't feel slick, just looks shiny. Will stucco color coat stick ok?
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    Mixing stucco?

    What's the proper consistency for stucco finish coat? This will be troweled-on I'll be using smooth (no aggregates) for a smooth, Mission-style finish on architectural foam. Would you describe the proper consistency as runny pancake batter (like wall texture), peanut butter, whipping cream...
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    Tipping workers?

    Am I crazy? I have sensed some guys lingering around once the job is done like they are waiting for a tip like a bell hop does in movies. Is it common to tip a guy for work? My feeling is that they are paid a fair wage and that should be that. It seems like everyone wants a tip these days from a...
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    Lien Releases in CA?

    In Calif. we have Lien Releases that a homeowner can have workers sign so that they can't have a lien put on their property if the workers' employer doesn't pay them. I tell you this just so out-of-staters understand. Now, the question I have is for folks in CA or who were in CA at one time...
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    Flashing windows?

    We're having HardiePlank siding installed and the house is being wrapped with Tyvek over the open studs. I saw that the guys ran Tyvek up to the window edges, taping it with the Tyvek tape. The old FortiFiber flashing (circa 1973) fell away prior to them doing this. They did not add any new...
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    Rewiring outlet?

    I have a counter-high outlet that I want to move down to floor level (about 12 inches from floor). I want to lose the the counter outlet and wire nut together the NM cables coming into and out of that box (just put a cover on it). I then want to run a NM cable out that box and terminate it at...
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    Building paper?

    What is meant by the name, "60 minute", "10 minute"? I used some "60 minute" to temporarily dry-in my deck before its real waterproofing job. It's sloped 1/4 every 12" and I overlapped the paper 10-12 inches.
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    What's kind of cool...

    I've moved onto yet another assignment requested by my wife (wet bar converted to work cubby area) and I am pretty much on auto-pilot thus far. The demo, drywall, and can lights were done very fast and w/o thinking too much. That must mean I've learned a lot here and done well enough on my prior...
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    Drywall stand-off?

    How much, if any, is drywall supposed to be off the floor? Was wondering why I didn't know this...I've only had to do puzzle-piece repairs or high-elevated sheets thus far, lol. Thanks.
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    I need special flashing

    That's metal flashing, you perverts. I'm looking for a piece that I hope exists...metal flashing fashioned like a skirt to go around 4 x 4 redwood posts. This would seal off the post's base where it goes into a horizontal surface. I heard of one mentioned by a waterproof deck guy who said its...