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  1. J

    best bathroom wall covering?

    Wet Wall is what you are looking for, it clips together and installs in minutes, very easy maintenance as it’s made from plastic. Hope this helps
  2. J

    Post Your Bathroom!!

    paull90260, I love the tiles in the shower, what are they? Thanks James
  3. J

    Small Bathroom

    Never seen anything like that before for sale on the UK market. I would think its relatively easy to install if its a plaster board wall.
  4. J

    wood flooring in bathroom?

    Wood in the bathroom is a bad, bad idea, go for a plastic tongue and grove, tiles or if you are on a tight budget you could put lino down. Just stay well clear of the wood.
  5. J

    Shower pan installation

    Do you have a picture of this as I am a little unsure of what you mean? Thanks JB
  6. J

    Shower Diverter Help

    I agree with Deacon it's normally cheaper and less time consuming to replace the lot Thanks my opinion anyway JB
  7. J

    Shower fixture replacement

    Make sure the thread patterns are same as metric and imperial are different. If you can find out what make and model the shower valve is I would recommend contacting them for newer options they may have on the market.
  8. J

    No Bathtub - Affect on Home Value

    I am a plumber in the UK, houses in general are quite small compared to the USA. In the last couple of years the amount of people wanting to take out their bath and put full sized shower enclosures in is unreal. I have 4 booked in to do before Christmas. I think it wouldn’t affect the...
  9. J

    Home Improvement Blogs

    bsquare, Great blogs, you just don't get sites like this in the UK. Cheers JB
  10. J

    The Square Eye is back! REPORT SPAM!!

    Square Eye, like the Jeeps on your site, back in the early 80's my mam and dad were one of the very few people in the UK to have a Jeep. It was a blue Wrangler with hard and soft tops, it was so cool!!!
  11. J

    Building a shower - starting with the base!

    You friend is right, it's the easiest and cheapest way. JB
  12. J

    Bathroom Installer

    Hey all, just joined up Looks like there is loads happening JB