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  1. HandyOne

    Understanding Air Conditioning Efficiency

    Good day. I'm only a person and not a professional. I have found on my heaters that the filters do need to change a few times a year so the air can flow through them. It the air cannot get though it will cause the heater to pull harder. This is just the stuff I've learned when my...
  2. HandyOne

    What do you think about these front doors?

    These are new homes I saw yesterday I have a great dislike for inset front door on new homes. These two are extreme but most of this new subdivision has them like this. These are even narrower than usual ones. I think that it's terrible. Then to make matters worse, look at the roof...
  3. HandyOne

    Mobile home inspection for purchase

    Also, look under it to see if the plastic is shredded as if animals had been under there and messing with things.
  4. HandyOne

    Mobile home inspection for purchase

    I sold one earlier this year, and I had the paid for registration in the license department. Once it was paid for a regular hand written bill of sale is all that was needed. This is north Alabama. The new owners did some repairs and resold it. You may want to check if it has a heat...
  5. HandyOne

    What did you do today?

    So many industrious people. I've been working off and on, putting up my crystal Christmas tree. The lights change, or can stay either white or multi color. It's just me here, so no one else is bothered that it is not a conventional tree. (I'll probably keep it up.)
  6. HandyOne

    Winter Projects and Plans!

    Share with us what your planned projects/plans are for this Winter .... Outdoor work? Shop work? Remodeling? Share some photos too!
  7. HandyOne

    What did you do today?

    I got up early today to take two aunts to get blood work needed before their doc appt later this month. I had forgotten the got to work school and office workers rush. I was in the rush. An empty internode train across a cut across back road, and that train is never there. Then back...
  8. HandyOne

    Porch repaint and ceiling fan

    What a wonderful porch and parking area. I would put the fan between the lights and on a separate switch from the lights. I don't know for sure about the scraping.
  9. HandyOne

    What did you do today?

    The behind the scenes is what I would have really liked to see if I were there.
  10. HandyOne


  11. HandyOne

    What did you do today?

    I went out and watched som radio controlled airplanes yesterday.
  12. HandyOne

    What did you do today?

    And white concrete roads instead of black asphalt?
  13. HandyOne

    What did you do today?

    Thanks for the history lesson. It's always interesting to know what killed a small town and how long ago it happened.
  14. HandyOne

    What did you do today?

    @Ron Van Looks like a great trip. What closed down Cairo?
  15. HandyOne

    Improper plumbing & trying to remodel bathroom/laundry

    I really like your idea of the shower curtain tension bar across the back to hang things from. You're a smart cookie.
  16. HandyOne

    Improper plumbing & trying to remodel bathroom/laundry

    You are doing really nicely there. I can see it without all the building stuff there.
  17. HandyOne

    Garage rot.... things look bad, and worse, and worse!

    Also, local churches often have outreaches that help the community. My mom had the end of her double wide home redone at their expense and labor. It was an outreach group from a church my friend was a member of. Mom and I were not a member of the church. So, that's is another option.
  18. HandyOne

    Hi, I'm Matt from the UK...

    Hi Matt. I hope the forum can help you. Just be sure to check out some how to do things to make sure if you're told in American terms, you know what it is in UK terms.
  19. HandyOne

    2X4 Nightstands

    Those look good. Please post when you make one or more.
  20. HandyOne

    What did you do today?

    @Eddie_T I hope your plan works out for you. @havasu have fun with all the grass seeds. I guess with the water issues from time to time that your grass dies off? Is that what happens?