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  1. bud16415

    Basic admiral washing machine banging, shaking, and overall acting up.

    I don’t know if I can help you much other than we just replaced our machine a couple weeks ago. We bought it used 10 years ago and when it started acting up I figured it didn’t owe us anything so we went shopping. I started talking to the one sales person we trust in our town and he said now...
  2. bud16415

    Seismic Retrofit while Underpinning vs Underpinning for Heavy Traffic

    Your house seems to be fairly small single story and frame construction. Have you thought about building a new and proper foundation behind it and moving the house back from the road?
  3. bud16415

    Help, what is a Firming liquid for turn of the century crumbling mortar!?

    There is a variety of mortar stain kits out there to match mortar types and age.
  4. bud16415

    Help, what is a Firming liquid for turn of the century crumbling mortar!?

    I know of nothing except chipping it out and pointing.
  5. bud16415

    Carbon fiber straps

    Nope, but I think I remember a thread from a few years back where it was talked about.
  6. bud16415

    Hello Everyone

  7. bud16415

    Need Electrician

    If I was in Anytown USA and new to town there is nothing like word of mouth. I know there are sites that you can look up a trades person, but I trust someone with no skin in the game. Go to your local ACE hardware and ask the manager if he knows an electrician maybe retired or will moonlight...
  8. bud16415

    Bath tub drain replacement?

    I do understand ¾ of my life maybe longer I patched up what I had as best as I could and when it came time to upgrade I looked around for something used or discounted. With something like your drain I’m not sure what it runs into below the floor. Sometimes if it is PVC you will be better off...
  9. bud16415

    Bath tub drain replacement?

    From the little I can see it looks like it might be time to replace the shower as well. Kind of sounds like that is the way you would like to go as well.
  10. bud16415

    Versetta Stone panels

    There are also faux lightweight “stone”panels that are thin and can be attached directly to drywall. Some of them look pretty nice and are a simple DIY job without the mess for a finished room. Here is one I found with Google. There is a video included...
  11. bud16415

    Can't get off a stop valve

    Great job. Now open and close them once a month and they will work great for many years. Trouble is no one ever does that.
  12. bud16415

    Glad to be here!

    :welcome: Very nice farmhouse. My old house was an old farmhouse and they have a special charm. The owners before me tried to make it 60s modern and I tried to turn it back to like it was. Welcome to the forum.
  13. bud16415

    Need help ID'ing this vintage flooring material - dangerous?

    I would take it up if for no other reason you are so close to the original hard wood I would want to see if it could be saved. I have seen Celotex used as a lath substitute for plaster around that time frame but never knew of a flooring product. There may well be such a thing. My dad covered...
  14. bud16415

    Need help ID'ing this vintage flooring material - dangerous?

    What are you putting back down and what is below this old stuff? It looks like the old time linoleum to me that has become dry and brittle. It may or may not have some asbestos in it so stay clear of the fibers where it is flaking. I would probably wet it down and scrape it up bag it and be...
  15. bud16415

    Extending a Strip Footing. Your take?

    Keep in mind the forum is made up of many individuals with different backgrounds and experience. I read your post a couple times as well but couldn’t reply at the time and had similar questions on how you got to the point of needing to repair your foundation. Normally something is failing that...
  16. bud16415

    Staircase in my house

    What are the treads and risers made from? By the looks of the white extensions of the stair treads where the balusters attach that the treads were originally carpeted. A project like that IMO is charge whatever the market can bear based around location as much as anything else. There is...
  17. bud16415

    Toilet Tank Not Refilling (Plus Backing Up)

    I will tell you what I know on your setup. First you do need to shut off the water to do any repairs. You don’t have a shutoff behind the toilet where the pipe comes thru the wall. That is not that uncommon and you have to trace that line back to find out where the valve is. Many times people...
  18. bud16415

    Most effective way to move rock into crawl space to build french drains?

    I have seen gravel delivered in a cement truck and mixed with water it can be delivered down a chute similar to concrete thru a window or such. They also have what is called a slinger truck and it can chute stone into tough locations. I had a friend that hand dug a drain line fully around his...
  19. bud16415

    How much to demo and build a house?

    In that case if you have the money to float the deal for say a year then the flip might be a good idea. If you have to borrow the money then you need to factor in the cost to buy, cost to build / rebuild, and the cost of carrying the loans until time of a sale. The thing is if someone was...