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    Townhome Living and Noise

    They are to the left or right of you and not below? If so yes the walls are built with buffer material in newer townhomes. Screams or bass will go through it. I hate bass. That is the number one tenant complaint I get. Neighbors bass.
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    Fake Deck

    What do you mean fake? I don't understand.
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    What fish?

    I have a fountain in a office building courtyard I own that I want to turn into a pond. What are some tough pleasent looking fish I could use. Are Koi pretty good about surviving climate changes? I live in Houston.
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    Need a new thermostat?

    What is the website? Do we have to tell them our member number or anything?
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    How do you get the list of foreclosures in your area. I want the source not just a guy who has the source. Can anyone get this? Is it different for every city?
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    Apartment Living

    It's tough. You want to do so much but it's not yours. Painting walls is always helpful. Rugs help a lot. Wall Batik. Fish tanks are really a good mood changer if large enough.
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    Choosing a Wood Gym Set

    There are lots of websites about DIY tree houses. I suggest doing that if you can it is fun for the family and you can customize it. Plus save a lot of cash. Just type into Google DIY tree house. If not that then a local company would probably be better than buying a kit. I would imagine it...
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    CFL bulbs

    I have a few offices I own that I only using CFL's in. I personally like the lighting better and lower bill. Also make sure to seal up your doors and windows. Also electrical outlets can be plugged up, you can loose a little there. Also clean vents, there a companies that do it fairly cheap...
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    Concrete Cracks

    Is that really strong enough for support beams?
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    How do you refinish hardwood floors

    I just bought a older (1920's) building and both levels have hard wood floors. They are all in bad shape. Lots of cracks and very dirty. Is it possible to restore it. Sand it all down and refinish? Or can you not do that for some reason. I know nothing about it.
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    How much does your property taxes run?

    Around Houston it's about 2k on a 150,000 house.
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    Sell Your Own Experiences

    When I sold my house this website helped quite a bit. If anyone has any better links let me know I always like to read on the subject.